AMSTERDAM – Lab-grown burgers are now a reality!
In the coming weeks, yo will be able to find in  your local supermarket lab-grown sirloin and pork chops.   And you will find lab-grown chicken breasts and lob-grown tilapia.
A yellow label is all you have to tell the difference between the two: natural vs. lab-grown meat. Which one would you choose?  Many people are saying they will go for the lab-grown meats and fish because they will be “clean” – safer to eat, with no deadly bacteria.
Scientists guarantee that there is no difference between natural meat and lab-grown meat.

Hundreds of laboratories around the world are pursuing the elusive feat of producing lab-grown meat. And some chain restaurants are purchasing them as well.

Test-Tube Burgers will be for sale at McDonald’s in the coming weeks.  “McTubes” is what they are planning on calling them right now.  “We will have burgers, shaped like tubes on long buns,” said McDonald’s VP, Christy Walker.
In-vitro meat can be produced in a petri dish, at least in principle, by placing a few cells in a nutrient solution and coax them into proliferating.
“If people are unwilling to stop eating animals by the billions, then what a joy to be able to give them animal flesh that comes without the horror of the slaughterhouse, the transport truck, the mutilations, pain and suffering of factory farming,” mused Ingrid Newkirk, the co-founder and president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
There are obvious ethical advantages (although cattle and chicken and pig farmers may violently disagree), but there are also environmental advantages as well: animal farming consumes enormous amounts of natural resources, from water to energy, not to speak of the deforestation that comes with the package. Also, anyone who has reservations about lab-grown meat should visit a slaughterhouse and then a laboratory, and compare the two.
The other big news is that soon you will be able to grown your own meat in test tubes – at home.  General Electric is in the process of developing a new kind of “oven” that will allow people to grow their own meat – which will be a BIG savings to the annual food budget.

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