NORWALK, CT –   Sean Penn has come to the rescue again!  He is helping victims of Hurricane Irene.
Sean Penn, infamous actor turned  journalist/political activist/hurricane rescuer flew into Newark airport yesterday and went to work helping flood victims in Mahwah, New Jersey and in Norwalk, Connecticut.
Penn came to the aide of Hurricane Katrina victims in 2008 – bringing food, water and a camera crew.  He ran into trouble though when the boat he was using sprung a leak.  As the boat began to sink, Penn started crying like a baby (and he wasn’t acting).  He was eventually  rescued by the National Guard.

Penn was anxious to restore his reputation as a Savior for All Hurricane Victims, so he went to heavily flooded areas of Connecticut, ready to help out.  He was seen wearing what appeared to be a white flak jacket.

Penn then got busy stacking up sand bags.  Unfortunately, he was  a day late with the sand bags.  When local authorities tried to get Penn to stop, Penn said, “I’m going to f*&*ing put these f*&*ing sand bag up, now leave me the f*&k alone.”

Penn invited his friend Hugo Chavez to Connecticut to help him with his Hurricane Relief effort, but Chavez is undergoing chemotherapy and couldn’t make it.
Did Penn make a difference?
Local resident, Daniel Towder, of South Norwalk, said that Penn did manage to save a tow kittens from a flooded house on Marshall Avenue.  Unfortunately, when Penn was offloading the kittens he accidentally dropped a forty pound camera on them…and that was that.
Penn promised to stay in Connecticut “until every last victim is out of the Superdome!”
New Orleans citizens said that they were happy to know that Penn was busy in Connecticut.


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