NEW YORK — After Derek Jeter reached the 3,000 hit mark, he was traded to the New York Mets.

Jeter hit a home run in the third inning of Saturday’s game at Yankee Stadium off a pitch from the Tampa Bay Rays’ David Price to reach 3,000 career hits.

The Yankees captain is the first in pinstripes and only the 28th player in baseball history to achieve the milestone, joining the ranks of Hank Aaron, Willy Mays and Cal Ripken in batting’s elite club.
The accomplishment came as Jeter, 37, has struggled at the plate in recent months. He finished last year with his lowest batting average since his rookie season in 1995 and he has a lower average at this point in the season than at the same time last year.
Brian Cashman congratulated Derek Jeter than told him that he was traded to the New York Mets for players to be named later.  Derek Jeter’s contract is up this year and Cashman said the Yankees don’t have the money to resign an aging player.  “Derek will always be a Yankee, but we have to think of the future now.”
Jeter was shocked, but not unhappy.  “I always wanted to be  a Met.   I get to stay in New York, so I’m happy.”

Rumors are that Jeter will play first base for the Mets.  He will join the team right after the All-Star break.
Yankees fans were outraged, but Mets fans were thrilled to get Jeter.

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