CLEVELAND –   Authorities have confirmed a UFO over Lake Erie.
It seems to be world centre for UFO videos, but this the image is extraordinarily clear.

UFO enthusiast Michael Lee Hill, of Eastlake, has recorded many images of something mysterious over Lake Erie, Ohio.
He has just released new footage filmed along the lakefront that he says is his best so far.
Mr Hill said:   “It was probably one of the craziest nights of activity I’ve ever experienced.”
The images show several sets of coloured lights flashing over Lake Erie, while appearing to remain still.

Mr Hill said: ‘I’ve been filming these for a long time and it’s just grown to the point where they’ve let me know, they know I’m sittin’ there filming them.
‘You know, they come in – every year they’ve come in closer and closer.”
Several people in the area believe the lake is a hotbed for extraterrestrial activity.
Ed Husa lives in Euclid and often walks his dog in a local park.
‘I go outside and I look up in the sky and I see them all the time up there.
‘Every so often you see strange lights blinking on and off.’
Fox 8 News revealed similar images of lights blinking over Lake Erie last year.
That led a team from the Cleveland Ufology Project to track the lights.
The organisation was founded back in 1952. Its members consider themselves experts and decided that the images were airplanes.
Hill disagreed with their assessment last year and now he says he’s even more confident the aliens are among us.
‘The fact that this remains in the screen and is not moving, I believe, negates any notion that it’s an aircraft,’ he said.
Previously, NASA, which has a research facility in Cleveland, has not commented on the sightings over Lake Erie. Officials at Hopkins International Airport said planes from the U.S. and Canada take-off frequently over the water.

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