WASHINGTON –  The U.S.  military has released pictures of Osama Bin Laden’s compound.  The U.S. was surprised to learn that Osama was a hoarder!
Less than an hour ago, President Obama addressed the nation in a special press conference held to announce the death of Osama Bin Laden. The September 11 mastermind was hiding out in a mansion in Abbottabad, Pakistan, about 80 miles north of Islamabad.
Bin Laden’s compound is just north, as you can see below, of a hospital for women and children and a cinema. About 800 feet to the west is the Cantt Police Station. There’s little information available about the station online, but a Flickr photo taken in February 2007 shows it in rough condition. The station, at that time, was “included in the demolition list of the provincial government works department,” the caption claims.
It’s unclear who added the hideout to Google Maps or when, but it’s already there — and labeled as an “amusement park.”

Here are some of the items found in Osama’s compound.
Jersey Shore DVDs:

His favorite picture of Dick Cheney:

His favorite Muslim supermodel, Yasmeen Ghauri:

Cases of his favorite drink:

His favorite food:

And reports are that Osama bin Laden was watching this video when he was shot:


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  1. Watching that video? He must have already shot himself in the head by the time the assault force arrived…..

  2. You must live under a rock if you still think OBL masterminded the greatest hoax this century, aka 9/11.. Ask any Family of those killed -Halliburton (aka Bush etc) make far too many billions to have let that event not go as planned.


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