Huge oil reserves have been found on the moon.  Gas prices will fall to $0.10 a gallon as OPEC oil becomes obsolete!
A NASA space probe has reportedly discovered a huge mother lode of oil on the moon – and the astounding find could usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for America!
Scientific data recorded by NASA’s unmanned Lunar Prospector spacecraft indicates there are at least 270 trillion barrels worth of “black gold” buried beneath a crater in the lunar south pole – more than 1,000 times the known oil reserves of Saudia Arabia and enough to meet America’s energy needs for more than 100 years to come, a scientist says.

Notoriously secretive NASA officials are still sitting on the mind-blowing March 8 discovery based on new computer analysis of data beamed back in 2004.  But respected astronomer Dr. Gary Wiltts, who has close ties to the U.S. space agency received a heads up from one of his associates.
“I was told the discovery of oil in the Aitken Basin of the moon’s South Pole was made with Prospector’s neutron spectrometer,” he reveals.
“Naturally, this means NASA will hastily renew manned missions to the moon, which had been written off as a useless ‘dead” hulk for decades.  For starters, expect to see the planned launch date of the next probe, Lunar J, moved forward from Jan. 1, 2012.

Striking oil on the moon means soon the U.S. may no longer be dependent on foreign oil – and future wars in the Middle East can be avoided.
“In a short time, the Mideast will no longer be of any real strategic importance to the United States – we won’t have to put our servicemen and women in harm’s way every time some tinhorn dictator in the region acts up.,” notes Dr. Wiltts.
“In the past whenever we had a conflict with Iraq, we had a conflict with Iraq, we had to worry about harming their oil supply.  That’s no longer an issue.  Now we can just nuke them back to the Stone Age.
With a massive influx of lunar oil flooding the market, gas prices will plummet to just pennies a gallon.
“Virtually free energy will transform our economy,” predicts Dr. Wiltts.
NASA is keeping a lid on the breakthrough hoping that, through secrecy, U.S. drillers can get rigs set up on the moon well before other oil hungry countries.
Meanwhile, the agency is quietly conducting a feasibility study on how to recover the oil cost-effectively, the astronomer reveals.
“We have to build a fleet of space tankers tha can get to the moon and back – a round-trip journey of 454,126 miles at a minimum – without burning more fuel than they transport,” he explained.
“The good news is we really have a jump on the rest of the world.  America has already planted her flag on the moon – we’ve already ‘laid our claim.’
“Also, low lunar gravity should make the process of extracting oil easier.”

The discovery in as also intriguing from a purely scientific standpoint, because of its implications about life on the moon, the astronomer adds.
“Petroleum on Earth comes from organisms such as marine algae, plankton and dinosaurs that died millions of years ago and decayed over the eons,” explained Dr. Wiltts.  “If there’s oil on the moon, the only way it could have gotten there is if similar life forms once existed there.”

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11 thoughts on “OIL FOUND ON MOON!”

  1. This is the best news I've heard in a long time. I am excited about the prospect of paying 10 cents a gallon for gas. It's about time!

  2. This is so stupid? There is oil in Alaska that was deemed too expensive to harvest. The price of oil would have been over 130$ a barrel. So it makes sense that if Alaska oil is too expensive, Moon oil will be moor expensive. Use your head. The answer is not oil. The answer is bio-fuel. We could is say 10 or 15 years be free of oil. The powers at be do not want this to happen. Too many of our elected officials, people sworn to uphold the rights and interests of the people who elected them, have money invested in oil and auto industries. So in the interest of lining the pockets of themselves and their family, they ignore the actual needs of the country and planet.

    • are you serious? Are you people just joking? This is a joke! there can't be oil on the moon you retards! Oil is hydrocarbon, hydrocarbon comes from life, carbon based things like plants and animals, there obviously can't be oil on the moon! There were never any lifeforms on the moon because there was never an atmosphere, therefore never any water. I can't believe how stupid you Americans are! WOW! get an education!

    • You are so smart! I wish I could as smart as you are. What country are you from that produces only scientists?

  3. First of all don't classify all Americans in one single group, subscribing to the socialistic doctrine of ownership by the people collectively is discriminative and idiotic in nature. Needless to say that I wonder how you would even know that the people commenting on this post are indeed American, or even the creator of the post. As far as your unwarranted speculation goes the creator could have made this post as a joke, or made this in response to another account of oil being found on the moon.
    There seem to be a relatively small bundle of other theories as to the origin of oil, such as Abiogenic Petroleum origin. Interestingly Saturn's smoggy moon Titan has hundreds of times more natural gas and other liquid hydrocarbons than all the known oil and natural gas reserves on Earth, scientists said today.
    The hydrocarbons rain from the sky on the miserable moon, collecting in vast deposits that form lakes and dunes. This much was known. But now the stuff has been quantified using observations from NASA's Cassini spacecraft. This could be evidence supporting the claim of oil being found on the moon, or possibly as some claim extraterrestrial life, thus also resulting in hydrocarbon origins such as you described.
    Although I have to reviel that my personal opinion on the matter leans relatively against this claim.

  4. Wrong Moon, Titan has more liquid hydrocarbons that ALL known Earth reserves…in fact there are hydrocarbon Nebulae, the fact is that hydrocarbons are abundant in the universe, plants and dinosaurs?? Pffffft


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