LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles County health officials say a deadly disease found in a hot tub at the Playboy Mansion was caused by Bill Maher.
The bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease was found in a hot tub at the Playboy Mansion where scores of people became ill after attending a fundraiser in February.   Health investigators determined that the source of the disease was HBO’s Real Time host – Bill Maher.

The Los Angeles Times says health officials presented their findings Friday at an annual conference at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.
The legionella bacteria also causes a milder illness called Pontiac fever. Symptoms include fever,  headache and acting smug and arrogant.  It affects women worse than men – causing their brains to malfunction.  Many young women begin wearing bunny outfits and hanging out with septuagenarians.

If women get a bad case of the disease, they begin having sex with old men.

Many people who attended a fundraiser party at the Playboy Mansion came down with a respiratory illness after the DomainFest conference in February.
Officials contacted 439 people and found that 123 had fevers and at least one other symptom with 69 falling ill on the same day. Epidemiologists used social media to contact the conference attendees.
All the people were advised to stay away from Bill Maher.  Even watching Bill Maher on TV can cause herpes or gonorrhea.

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  1. Bill Maher contacted the disease while prosthelytizeing for his aetheistic beliefs in Los Angeles. Maher rides on a bike with his fellow aetheists going door to door handing out anti religion pamphlets. In this role he had unprotected sex with a older Episcopalian who had contacted legionnaires disease in Philadelphia.

  2. I am not suprised. This desease infested specimen is a danger to all humanity. He should be locked in a dungeon and throw away the key.


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