NEW YORK – Both sex and jogging can cause heart attacks.
A new study just published by the American Association of Medical Doctors suggests that both vigorous sex and exercise can lead to an increased risk for heart attack.
Over a twenty year period, researchers at Northeastern University studied the sex and exercise habits of 25,000 participants.

They determined that both physical and sexual activities trigger cardiac events, such as heart attacks and palpitations.

“The message is clear. Be careful when you’re having sex or jogging.  Of course, wear a condom and look both ways, but more importantly, take it easy. Don’t get overly excited or breathe too heavily. It could kill you,” explained Dr. Andrew Seidner, head of Northeastern’s Cardiovascular Research Center.
“And the worst thing you can do is have sex while you are jogging.  Definitely avoid that.” Seidner said.
“We’re not saying that you should abstain from sex or stay on the couch, but the facts prove that a person is more likely to have a heart attack during or after an intense work-out or sexual experience. The issue here is the adrenaline surge. It can disrupt the heart’s regular pattern of beating,” Seidner continued.
In addition, the research indicates that a heart attack is more likely during traumatic events –  such as an earthquake or Christmas.

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  1. – How obvious, sexual entanglement in ones system causing heart attacks. It matters in the manner the individual is conditioned, such occurrence is usually due to idolized sexual emotions hung within chemically and technically.


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