LOS ANGELES –  Researchers have concluded that pollution in Southern California causes brain damage.
It is well known that pollution harm our lungs, but groundbreaking research from the University of Southern California has proven that the traffic-polluted freeways in Los Angeles cause brain damage.
Researchers looked at the smallest of particles that are not visible to the naked eye. Air samples were taken from the 110 Freeway near USC and exposed to mice over a 10 week exposure period, over about 150 hours. The results showed severe brain damage — keeping neurons from developing — which eventually lead to memory loss, early onset dementia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and addictive personality disorder.

“With further research, we are hoping that we can  figure out ways to lower the effect of these particulates, other than just staying away from traffic because that’s really doable in Los Angeles,” says Tyler Williams, a lead researcher at USC.
WWN interviewed over a hundred Angelenos to get their reaction to the study. The typical response was  – “taco?”
The California Department of Motor Vehicles is alarmed by the research and is considering having drivers take a brain scan when they apply for their Driver’s License.  “We can’t have people with brain damage driving on the road of Los Angeles.  It’s not safe to those few people that are not brain damaged,” said DMV spokesperson, Wanda Jenkins.
It’s already too late for a couple of LA drivers.  These two have been diagnosed with addictive personality disorder, delusion of grandeur disorder, and “Winning” disorder.

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