HOLLYWOOD, CA – MTV Forces Rogaine on Teen Wolf cast.
MTV is producing a show based on the 1980s cult classic movie, Teen Wolf.
Production began last summer and although it has been described as a “sexy thriller set against the drama of high school life with a forbidden, romantic love story at its core.” Diehard fans of the ‘80s classic still want to know if Michael J. Fox will be involved in the production.
Well now all you Teen Wolf purists can rest at ease, WWN investigators have uncovered that he will in fact have several cameo appearances as his movie character, Scott Howard, but now he’s all grown up, running his dad’s hardware store and has pups of his own.
In addition to the discovery of Fox’s appearances, sources have revealed that the producers of the show have taken very drastic measures to help control expenses. The producers have made the controversial decision to enforce the use of Rogaine on all of their werewolf cast members. Rogaine is being used on the actors to increase the amount of natural hair that they can grow.

The producers were quick to respond to the controversy. “We took this approach to help cut down on special effects costs,” explained producer Marty Adelstein, “the only thing that we have asked the cast to do its replace their shower gels with Rogaine. We really don’t see what all the fuss is about. ”
Most of the cast has been taking the request well. “It’s really not that big of a hassle,” stated Tyler Hoechlin who was cast as Derek Hale, an older and dangerous werewolf in the TV adaptation  “I mean after the first few months of non-stop itching and scratching you just start to forget about it. But it really is a small price to pay to be involved in such an awesome project! I mean seriously, what’s the big hairy deal.”
Additional sources have leaked that Fox has been a bit of a prima donna while on set. It has been rumored that he has been making demands to have a personal assistant whose sole purpose is dedicated to scratching him whenever and wherever he asks.  Ewe!

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