TEXAS – Three fishermen were stunned when a huge shark landed in the back of their boat in the Gulf of Mexico.
Jason Kresse, 29, from Texas, and two crew members were fishing for red snapper about 50 miles out to sea in the early hours of Monday morning.
They were throwing fish guts over the side when they heard two big splashes and “all of a sudden something hit the side of the boat”.

It was an 8ft-long mako shark which, in a rush to start feeding, “ended up landing on the back of the boat”, according to Sky News.
The shark died several hours later. The crew didn’t have a permit to catch sharks, so Kresse contacted federal officials on shore.
Mike Cox, a spokesman with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, said that no violations were incurred because the shark’s death was an accident.
The shark is currently on display at a seafood business in Freeport.

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  1. Easy for you to understand if you can assume a possible subnormal shark event!
    Animals can go through such terrible experiences that can modiy their abilitities to extraordinary seemingly subnormal, or else derange their nature to helplessness. Figure out the rest!


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