Men across the country are now getting The Charlie Sheen Tattoo.  And… they’re winning!
Andrew Ottenhof of Santa Rosa, California felt it was important to express how fortunate he feels to be “winning”  the genetic  lottery, having been born with Tigerblood and Adonis DNA.
Men across the U.S.A. have joined Sheen’s Korner Kult. They all plan on getting tattoos and going to New York City to see Charlie Sheen live at Radio City Music Hall.

When the men get their tattoos, their blood is immediately taken to a lab for testing.  If it is confirmed that they have Tiger Blood, then they are officially in Sheen’s Korner Kult.
Tattoo parlors in California, New York, Chicago and Miami have all reported a waiting list of men (and now some women) wanting the Sheen Tattoo.

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    • Alie K is simply amazing and her work is always fantastic!!!! She deserves so much credit for this amazing piece that was her idea! what a great idea:)
      Ashley Silversides-Ottenhof

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