BRISTOL, TN –  Ryan Truex banged Danica Patrick at the Bristol Motor Speedway and she wasn’t happy about it!
Danica Patrick’s spring session in NASCAR ended with a bang.
With 53 laps to go in Saturday’s Nationwide race at Bristol Motor Speedway, Patrick made contact with Ryan Truex. Patrick’s car spun hard into the wall – first the nose, then the rear, leaving her with a destroyed race car.
After getting out of her car, Patrick waited for the cars to come back around. When they did, Patrick walked onto the track, located Truex and spread her arms apart as if to say, “What gives?”

“I don’t I know if he had a tag-slap off the wall, like he was pushing up and then it snapped on him and he came off. I don’t know.”
“I never tag-slapped her, and I certainly never came off,” said Truex.
Patrick said it looked like Truex was slipping all around and was about to bang her in the front, but instead he slammed into her rear.
“It was my fault. Truex said. “We were racing there and I just got real loose.  I don’t know if she thinks I did it on purpose. I guess she’s just mad because she was running hot.  It was an accident.  But I did enjoy it.”
Patrick waved at Truex from the infield, then went into the locker room to wait for him.


Here’s Truex and Patrick meeting on Bristol Motor Speedway:


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