Candles for men with smells that men love.

Men need time to relax and unwind just as much as ladies do. But where does a man go to get a candle that has a scent that is just right for that rough and tumble fellow. Well look no further tough guys in need of aroma therapy. Now, not just one but two companies sell candles geared directly towards a man’s man.

The current leaders in the industry are  and
Original Man Candle offers a wide variety of smells ranging from new car smell to bacon and even going as far as to offer road kill for who really dig the funk. They showcase their wares on a much designed website sporting lots of fancy graphics and a standard web shopping cart.

However, Man-cans really goes for that “I don’t give a crap about my appearance” look for their website making a true appeal to the man who cares not about appearance or how he smells. And although the site could be a bit more polished, you have to cut the owner some slack as he is only 13-years-old. Hart Main, CEO of Man Cans, offers the following “delightful” scents: Grandpa’s Pipe, Campfire, and Cracker Jacks.
The one thing that sets Hart apart from his competition, besides being 13, is that all of his candles are literally in old cans. Hart recycles soup cans for his product which we can only assume helped to inspire the name. In addition to Harts eco-friendly approach to business, he also actively seeks soup kitchens where he donates soup to in order and only asking for the cans in return.
In addition to this new trend in man candles, Mancentirc spas are sprouting up throughout the country. These spas offer such services as bacon grease facials and an apple pie room. It is unclear what the apple pie room exactly offers but may speculate that the room was inspired by a scene from the movie American Pie.

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  1. A kind of enticing mesmerism – what then do you do with that, have a great sexual time? Well it's like saying to yourself, I am more into love in spirit than fleshy action alone, OK! – You might heal yourself or prep yourself to get healed of some ailments, just don't thrive on heavy lust in that process and get even more sick!


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