NEW YORK – Locked-out NFL players are done trying to negotiate with owners, so they are starting their own league: The People’s Football League!
On day six of the NFL lockout, the NFL Players’ Association made  a startling announcement:  they will no longer try to workout any kind of deal with the owners.  Instead, they are starting their own league
Drew Brees announced the formation of the People’s Football League (PFL).  Brees stated that since the football stadiums were paid for by citizens living in each of the cities, that the people have a right to watch football this fall.
“The players provide the game, the entertainment and the fans can come and watch in stadiums that they paid to be built.”
Peyton Manning said that players will be play for the same cities – but teams names will change.  He also said that the PFL will be holding its own draft in April.

Roger Goodell said that it is illegal to start a new league, and he also thought that the players didn’t have “the brains” to do so.
NFLPA President DeMaurice Smith said that the players were anticipating a lockout and already have in place an achievable plan to implement the PFL.   “Fans will not have to miss one minute of football in 2011,” Smith told WWN.
Fans across the country were thrilled with the announcement.  “I’m just glad that I’ll be able to watch my Steelers play.  Screw the owners.  I don’t see them on the field anyway,” said Pittsburgh native, Jim Bontempo.

Colleges and high schools across the country had agreed to allow the PFL Players to practice on their fields until they can build their own practice facilities.

The PFL will divide profits among the players, based on a formula devised by DeMaurice Smith, Brees and Manning.  The fans will pay much less in ticket prices.

Some rules will be changing in the new PFL.  The first rule they have reinstated:  players can celebrate all they want in the endzone.

And fans across the country are celebrating now.   2011 Football is back!!

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  1. Baltimore can stop crying now. They didn't support the colts so the colts left. If you woulda been there for them maybe they woulda stayed. Now shut it and go watch your loser team.


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