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CUPERTINO, CA – Apple launched its iPad 2 this morning and then announced that the iPad 3 will be available at the end of the year.
Apple launched its iPad 2 today and then said that the iPad 3 will be much better.
Here’s a summary of the new iPad 2:
The body: The iPad 2 is  sleeker and slimmer than its predecessor, which weighs in at 1.5 pounds. Apple often cuts weight and depth in newer models. Other rumors suggest the new model will have a thinner bezel.

From here, we get into a lot more speculation. Leaks about new iPad cases from third parties — not particularly reliable — have been fueling rumors about what to expect from the exterior of the iPad. Possible features from the rumor grab bag include a bigger speaker, a slot for an SD car, a Thunderbold input/output port  and a landscape docking port
The iPad 2 is smaller — as small as 7 inches — made so that it will compete with tablets such as the Galaxy Tab and HTC’s planned Flyer. Since Steve Jobs has made disparaging remarks about smaller tablets, this was somewhat of a surprise.
Should users go out and buy the iPad 2?
Well, according to Apple, you should buy the iPad 2 so that all your friends know that you are “cutting edge” and “hip.”   They encourage all Apple customers who waited in long lines to buy the original iPad to again wait in long lines to buy the new iPad 2 and to plan on waiting in long lines to buy the iPad 3 when it comes out in November.
“We will always have long lines for our customers to wait on to buy products that will be outdated in a short period of time,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

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  1. The one aspect I hate concerning the ipad is the truth that you cannot look at flash content. That is I beleive the tabs with Android operating system are a good choice… even when the Android operating system drains your battery like crazy.


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