NEW YORK – A New York City therapist counsels her clients in the buff!
Regina Wilson, a 26-year-old psychology graduate, developed her innovative approach after struggling to get patients to relax.
Wilson explains that she lights candles and slowly removes clothing over the course of each 45-minute session. “People like to ease into things. I’ve found that by exposing myself gradually, patients will do the same. I encourage them to peel off their own layers, to dig deeper. I don’t encourage them to remove their clothing, but it has happened.”
“I realized that if they see that I’m comfortable it will make it easier for them to relax too. For many of my patients it takes months of serious work to get to point where we are making psychological progress. I wanted to find a way to jumpstart that progress and get to the heart of the issues.”



Aside from the nudity, Wilson’s sessions are conventional therapy sessions in a simple office setting. Recent press over her controversial technique has caused an overflow of appointment requests in both her phone and email inboxes.

Of course, the road hasn’t been totally smooth. Wilson has dealt with her fair share of professional skepticism. She explains, “Not everyone agrees with my approach. Some of my colleagues consider it inappropriate. Therapists from all over the world have sent me letters. Most of which are mean-spirited and inappropriate in their own right. But I ignore them. I do what is best for my clients. If I have to take my bra off so that Joe-Shmoe can overcome the wounds of his childhood, I’m going to do it. I’m a therapist. I want my patients to experience pleasure and satisfaction.”
Wilson is also in talks with Target to develop a line of silk therapy robes. The robes will come in black, silver, and white, and will be sold with a matching therapy candle.
Wilson commented, “The robe and candle sets will make therapy accessible for all. If your head is clear, it is much easier to find your heart.”

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  1. Dinner candles for therapeutic couples dining would seem to be the next logical product line. I also have a question- are the candles scented?

  2. There is but one constructive reason for a therapist to be nued during sessions, to unleash the unconscious of the patient to observe a human being for being simply human and then otherwise, the freedom that the average mental patinet lacks and doesn't know, the fact that the psychiatrist forever deals with oneself as a spirit in human form, in other words, ex. in asking you how does such and such make you feel, you get made to focus in your psyche spirit-mirror of your mind and soul, and there you have it, knowing the value of being the human spirit is mighty.


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