WEST BURKE, NH – Gun shop sells hand gun to an eight year old.
Federal law states that a person must be at least 21 years old in order to purchase a handgun. And most states tend to have the same age limitations. However, New Hampshire, known to be one of the most liberal states in the union when it comes to gun control, has no laws restricting the age at which a person may possess and carry firearms and little specification as to how old an individual must be in order to purchase one. In addition to the vague age requirements, New Hampshire also does not require state licensing for the purchase of any rifle, shotgun or handgun.
Earlier this week, Timmy Johnson, age 8, was able to walk into and purchase this 1951 Iraqi made Tariq 9mm Beretta from Bobby Joe’s Gun Emporium with little to no problem. And the most amazing part is that he did it all by himself.

Parents groups throughout the nation are appalled by the sale. Several groups claim that this lack of regard for the safety and well-being of the nation’s youth will only increase the potential for more Columbine style massacres.
However, many New Hampshire residents see things differently.
“If we teach are kids about guns at a younger age and show them how to use them, there will surely be a decrease in deaths caused by children and guns. We need to demystify the gun for America’s youth,” said New Hampshire native, Jim Grossman.
New Hampshire gun extremists groups feel that there is nothing wrong with the sale either.
“Several countries that support terrorism are enlisting children at a younger and younger age. If we do not let our kids get their hands on guns sooner, they are never going to have the same level of experience as those micro-terrorists.”

Several rouge militia groups throughout the U.S. have also come to the defense of Bobby Joe, stating, “American children don’t even seem to know what guns are, much less how to hold them or use them. If we do not change things fast, the future of our military and our freedom is doomed.”

Bobby Joe had little to say other than this. “He said he was old enough and I agree. What the hell difference does it make? Most of the kids in this country are pansies anyway. They all need to stop being coddled by mommy after they lose a soccer game, get their hands on some guns, and defend our freedom!

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    • This another exampe of a "want to be" web site writing articles that aren't real and posting them as fact._The problem is that lots of people don't think and believe anything they read here…This person clearly has no concept of think for themselves and will believe any trash that is written… It concerns me that so many people_lack the basic ability to think for themselve!

    • Your an idiot to believe this piece of trash "reporting" is for real. Anyone with half a brain can look up the truth on the internet on NH gun laws

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