LOS ANGELES –  At last night’s Grammys, Kim Kardashian had a butt emergency.  Her butt busted out of her dress!
There was a major crisis at last night’s Grammys.  Some say it was the biggest fashion emergency in the history of fashion.
Kim Kardashian’s butt broke through her dress.  Here she is the moment before the crisis occurred:

Kim Karadashian told WWN:  I took my dress to another tailor and he tailored it to where my whole butt wouldn’t fit in it. I was freaking out.  He adjusted it right before the show, but he didn’t let it out enough!”
Witnesses said that it looked like a butt explosion.  That would make sense because last year Kim had a real butt explosion when her butt implants burst.
This is the dress Kim was wearing when her butt implants burst last year:

At the Grammy’s designers rushed to her side and re-sewed the ass of her dress, because Kim’s livelihood was at stake.  “Without her butt, without it looking big and tight… she’s ruined,” said designer Kaufman Franco.
Several hip-hop and rap star stars (Dr. Dre, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake) also rushed to Kim’s side.  “Man, you gotta to protect a booty like that… That baby got back and we want to keep that back, looking tight!”  Jay-Z said.  Beyonce didn’t like Jay-Z staring at Kim’s butt, so she did a little Butt Strutting herself:

Kim went backstage and put on a new dress, one that highlighted her butt, but also kept everything where it should be:

All is well in Hollywood.   Kim’s butt is back in place!!

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