Forgot Valentine’s Day huh? … Well Weekly World News has got your back!
No need to panic and freak out about forgetting Valentine’s Day. Weekly World News understands that we are all just mere mortals and sometimes we forget things. Your significant other may not understand, but we definitely do. Weekly World News has an assortment of gifts that is sure to turn any frown upside down.
Step 1: Check out our dating columnist J-Train and his advice for a smooth Valentine’s Day.
Step 2: Run out to your local Stop & Shop or whatever grocery store is around you and pick up a bouquet of their freshest flowers. No need to get charged an arm and a leg for getting last minute flowers from a florist.
Step 3: Whip out that credit card and pick up a few items from the Weekly World News online store. Get your loved one anawesome Junior Bat Boy Plush Doll. Perhaps a Bat Boy BobbleheadOr maybe a digital subscription to Weekly World News. We are offering free shipping on all orders of $35 or more and a free Weekly World News Magnetic Pictures Postcard book with every order today ($12 value). Additionally – the first 20 to use the code 33VD14 will receive 15% off.
So when you’re Valentine’s Day turns out to be a huge success … don’t forget the people that got you there. Makes this Valentine’s Day the one that will never be forgotten.

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