GREEN BAY, WI –  Aaron Rodgers dissed Brett Favre, who responded by sexting Rodgers a picture of his genitals.
Brett Favre was not happy that Aaron Rodgers dissed his Green Bay Packer legacy.
So he sexted Rodgers a picture of his junk.
After recent allegations from ex-Jets TV hostess Jenn Sterger, you would think that he would have learned his lesson. But, oh no, he is at it again although he is no longer targeting the ladies. This time around Favre is using his genitals to intimidate Rodgers.
In a what seems like a bizarre act, Brett Favre sexted pictures of genitals covered in Cheez Whiz to Aaron Rodgers right after the Packers secured their forth Super Bowl victory on Sunday. Accompanying the image was the message “Like my Cheesehead?  I am the greatest quarterback to ever wear the Green Bay uniform.  I am the man.”
Recently, there has been much speculation as to whether or not Rodgers is gay.  These rumors were started by Favre, though in recent years, Rodgers has not been seen out and about with any women other than his mother and his sister.

Since the news broke of the scandalous picture mail, many are now questioning the sexuality of Favre as well and wondering if perhaps Favre may “like” Rodgers in a more “meaningful” way.
“I think that this may be overstepping the boundaries of your typical Bromance,” said renowned Bromance expert Charles Higby, “Patting asses and hand shake hugs are standard in professional sports but this type of graphic sharing is a bit beyond the norm.”
Neither Favre nor Rodgers was available for comment due to the fact that they were both getting facials and mani-pedis together.

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