CENTRAL PARK, NY – Homeless man builds underground snow castle for winter residence.
The northeast has been ravaged by old man winter and his fury does not seem to be ending anytime soon. New York City’s Central Park has already seen an accumulation of 36 plus inches of snow since winter began. Owners of homes and apartment complexes have been cursing the snow as it continues to settle into the metro area week after week.
But one homeless man has taken this proverbial lemon and made not just lemonade but an entire lemonade factory so to speak.
Jimmy “Iceman” James, has been living on the streets of New York since the late 1970s. He has lived in various locations including the dumpster behind CBGB, the now abandoned City Hall subway station, and of course Central Park.
“The streets of the big apple have always treated me well,” recounts Iceman while standing outside of the unassuming entrance to his new digs, “Most of the places where I have deiced to rest my head have always been decent places.”

It was just after the blizzard this past December that Iceman got the idea to make a place that he could call home.
“The idea came to me when a heaping pot of day old lo mein was dumped on my head while I was sleeping in the dumpster just behind Tung Shing House. I woke up, looked outside of the dumpster, saw the monstrous amount of snow on the ground and it hit me like a snowball. But I realized I was actually hit by a snowball by some punk kids. After wiping the snow from eyes I realized that I no longer had to live in dumpsters. I could make my own home out of the snow.”
Iceman recounts that he immediately made a swift voyage back to Central Park, what he likes to refer to as his summer home, where he began making plans for his new winter abode. He knew that the structure needed to be inconspicuous or the Parks Department would surely knock it down.
To combat this problem Iceman decided to make an elaborate underground castle-like labyrinth of a home, having a great hall, bedroom, and of course a bar. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The entire underground layer encompasses a whopping 13,000 square feet.

When Iceman was asked how he could accomplish such an amazing feat he simply replied with a toothless grin, “You’d be surprised what other homeless people will do with just a little bit of convincing and lots of crack cocaine.”

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8 thoughts on “MAN BUILDS SNOW CASTLE”

  1. its like the savings of the midle class……they all melted….and the bankers and investment firms will end up where its very hot.

  2. well.. all the photos are from Swedish icehotel… but it isn´t so bad idea to make something like that for NY homless peoples…

  3. Well I hope Iceman is doing ok this winter as this report happened almost a year ago and I don't think there has even been a significant snow storm yet, for NYC. I am not sure if to believe this post or not but I definitely don't believe that he has it listed on craigslist. Nice one @whiteout.
    -Thanks for the post-


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