WASHINGTON, DC –  The FCC has declared that nudity will now be allowed on TV – including full frontal nudity!
The US Second Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated the $1.21 million worth of fines that the FCC levied against ABC after alleging that the network violated broadcast indecency standards for daring to show actress Charlotte Ross’ naked behind during a 2003 episode of “NYPD Blue.”
When overthrowing the fine, the court cited the FCC’s own declaration that “nudity itself is not indecent.” It also reiterated that the FCC’s context-based indecency test is “unconstitutionally vague,” as previously determined by the court when the FCC demanded fines from Fox when profanities were aired during the 2006 Billboard Music Awards.
The result of the latest ruling is that “networks now know that they won’t be fined for nudity of any kind,” says Jack Grimaldi, a leading TV producer in Hollywood.  “And producers are going to run wild.”

In essence, the ruling “gives television producers and networks more freedom to do whatever they want on television in terms of nudity and the  human body, “said Grimaldi.   He noted that network ratings are in severe decline and have been for a number of years, so he expects networks to pull out all the stops and use as much nudity, and full frontal nudity, as they can.
“I think the ten o’clock hour now will pretty much be all soft-core porn,” said Grimaldi.  “The new manta will be  – let’s use as much nudity and swear words as we can.”  Grimaldi noted that ratings are what drive television content and nudity will certainly provide a ratings boon for all networks.
The networks already love to push the boundaries and now – there won’t be any.  “The networks will be able to get away with everything that the premium cable channels do.  It’s going to level the playing field,” added top TV critic Joe Falconi.
Many are upset about the ruling and the prospects of children seeing full-frontal nudity in prime-time.  Focus on the Family President, Lars Beckman, said that “the FCC has run amok under the Obama Administration.  Our society is devolving.   We will not stand for this.  We plan to protest every show and every network that shows nudity and especially those that show frontal nudity.  This is outrageous!”
“Please, those people are just too uptight.  Nudity is no big deal anymore, everyone has nude pictures of themselves on their Facebook pages.  It’s old school to be so uptight about it,” said millionaire TV producer Sarah Williams, 27.   “There’s a lot bigger problems in this world, we don’t need to worry about seeing genitals on TV.  I mean, really?  There’s wars going on somewhere.”
Expect to see full-front nudity in prime-time this fall.   It’ll be… Must-See TV!

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28 thoughts on “FCC OKAYS NUDITY ON TV”

  1. This is ALL just a sign of the times. They will all stand before the Lord one day….whether they believe in Him or not!! Just because you don't believe does not mean that it isn't so. Disgusting.

  2. The only reason why everybody is not walking around naked, is because of sin. So nudity in itself is not a sin, but the "drooling" over the naked

  3. I just don't understand how dumb people can get… This website jokes about what ifs, don't take these things seriously really…

  4. Calm down , the Europeans have been watching nudity on tv FOR YEARS and they don't have rampant sex crimes… Just well adjusted society and well informed youths .

  5. We wear clothes for a reason. What's under it should stay under in public. Tv is public, so clothes should stay on. Things that are to be "private" like the sex act and implying it, also should be private. We don't have sex like animals in public, well, not normal people.

  6. Omg Sarah Williams (last quote) just said the most ignorant and idiotic statement. Is she serious? What a moron…..


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