BRAZIL –  The Argentinean soccer star, Andres D’Alessandro, has been named the greatest soccer player in the world by FIFA.
Andres D’Alessandro won the Copa Libertadores da America with his team Internacional.  Soon after FIFA officals voted D’Alessandro The Greatest Soccer Player in the World.
D’Alessandro is a left-footed footballer who currently plays for Sport Club Internacional in Brazil. He is best known for his dribbling and his short passing ability.  Many consider him the best left-footed player to ever step on the pitch.  Pele has said that D’Alessandro may prove to be the greatest soccer player to ever live.
D’Alessandro beat out fellow Argentinean star, Lionel Messi,  Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo, Swedish stars Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Adam Hofverberg,  Steven Gerrard,  Samuel Eto’o,  Kaka, Xavi, Fernando Torrres, Frank Lampard and of course David Beckham (who begged to be put on the top ten list) for the FIFA honor.

D’Alessandro, is the most popular Argentinean midfield player in the history of the sport.  He recently edged fellow Argentinean Veron and the Brazilian striker Neymar to become the Best Soccer Player in America, 2010, awarded each year by the Uruguayan newspaper El Pais.
D’Alessandro received the news while visiting his cousin, Troy D’Alessandro, a rising American soccer star, in Jacksonville, Florida.  He also met with his cousin, Greg D’Alessandro, a Hollywood screenwriter and director who is shooting a documentary about the Argentinean star.
What do you think, did FIFA  make the right choice?
Here’s D’Alessandro in action:


  1. I love this site, everything here is true. I can't imagine how do they find out so many things. This site here is the only source of information I got, and I am a well informed guy. Thank you all for everything. Good new, as always. You're incredible. WWN RLZ!!!!

  2. "D’Alessandro beat out fellow Argentinean star, Lionel Messi, Brazilian star Cristiano Ronaldo, Swedish stars Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Adam Hofverberg"
    Cristiano Ronaldo is portuguese….lol

  3. I have to admit that D'Allesandro deserved the golden ball right. I don't even know why I was nominated; I didn't even spit as many colleagues in the face as he did.


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