LONDON — Royal damage control is in full effect!  The Royals have learned that Kate Middleton was actually born in 1975!
Today, January 9th, is the Berkshire-born bride-to-be’s birthday. But how old is she???
Even Prince William isn’t sure! According to unofficial records and Kate’s own statements, she was born in 1982 – making her 29 today. But new hospital documents have surfaced and indicate she was actually born in 1975 – making her 36 years old today. Prince Charles is demanding the truth and is waiting to release an official “Birthday Greeting.”
Insiders speculate that Camilla, Princess of Wales, feeling intimidated and overshadowed in light of the pending wedding, is behind the shocking leak.

Sweetheart couple William and Kate should be celebrating and planning their April 29th wedding at Westminster Abbey. Instead, they have been dutifully parading themselves around London hot spots, behaving as youthful and carefree as possible in an effort to convince the public and the rest of the royal family that Kate is who she says she is.

William will be 29 on June 21st. His birth date is very well-documented.

Kate the Younger?

Reporters have been camped out in front of Middleton’s childhood home in Berkshire since Saturday morning.
Kate the Elder?

Late Saturday night, Middleton’s father, who founded the party supplier Party Pieces with his wife, yelled from the second story window of their large tudor house. “Leave the girl alone! She’s innocent!”
Reporters pressed the tipsy father for details. “Innocent of what?” asked an OK! journalist.
The increasingly irate father replied, “She’s still young, not even forty! Plenty of time to give birth to an heir!”
It’s not clear at this point what an age cover-up would mean for Kate. Her future duchess-ness is clearly at stake.

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41 thoughts on “KATE MIDDLETON, AGE 36?”

  1. More truth on this website than in the entire Labour Party put together, Alistair Campbell applied for a job as a journalist here but was rejected after Bungle George and Zippy found him out to be a complete liar.

  2. Hey I'd do that 36 year old any day of the week.Now that Camilla with the bushy armpits she.s
    just what that big ear clown who advocates for plant rights deserves.

  3. I feel sorry for Kate, Will was always into older women, I am 57 and me and William have dated in the sumer of 2008. She should be proud of her age.

  4. Nothing to be surprised of. There is always lies and deceptions in the circles of the British Royal Family. That is just continuing with their new generation. It was those royal dignitaries who conspired to kill Diana, and that curse is being continued on them. No body can change it.

  5. Don't know if the story is true. But if it is true, and the family lied about her age, then what else are they lying about? Of course, it matters if she's older. It affects a woman's ability to get pregnant. If true, the wedding should be cancelled.

  6. This story lacks evidence but is easily believable because of how old and haggard Kate's face looks. Is she a chain smoker or something?! Since her supposed early 20s she's looked like a woman of 30+ years, and lately, she looks very aged. Most women don't even start aging until their mid to late 30s, and Kate, although not yet 30 (again, supposedly), is already well into that process.

    • "…old and haggard …"? Really? Wow… you must be living in an alternate universe… She's beautiful.

    • She looks old for her age. Maybe not "old and haggard" but her face has always looked old for her age. Just the shape and too much tanning.

  7. this story is a load of rubbish,she is actually 43. also fyi prince william was born in genk and has a soft spot standing in fields doing absolutely nothing.

  8. totally photoshopped, look at the eyes, they look as tho they are rolling back into her head, i can very clearly see the edited marks, nice try

  9. I feel very strongly about comments made about William and Kate! They are a wonderful couple and ought to be given some proper respect – PLEASE! I am German myself and have lived in UK since 1964 with my husband from Sri Lanka. We have always paid our taxes and never claimed any benefits. Therefore we feel so really genuinely happy for the Royal Family having such a beautiful girl like Kate joining their circle. Prince William and (Princess) Kate will be so very good for England, the tourist industry and the acceptance of the Royal Family abroad, I am certain !!
    May we please congratulate the Royal Couple already for their union! Bless you both and do ignore people's ill-mannered comments !!!
    Lots of love from
    Don + Sigrid Heendeniya
    and our children: Ramani Hopgood and Reiner Heendeniya
    and our grandchildren: Georgie and Harry Hopgood
    We all think you are beautiful beyond bounds !!! xxx

    • FYI The British royal family has connections with the Sicilian mafia. Don't be fooled by 'sweet' Kate. She's actually a Colombian drug lord (or lady).

  10. Why can no one ever be happy about some one else's happiness ?? They are a lovely couple and deserve a lot more respect than given to them by rather ignorant people. I and my family contragulate Prince William and Kate (Princess Kate to be) with all our hearts. I for one believe firmly that they will be very happy, and indeed excellent for the Royal Family and our country!!
    Please, British Public, be a little more positive in your thinking, please !!!
    Family Heendeniya – UK and France xxxx

  11. It's funny reading the comments. Do you actually think this is true?. Buahahahahahahahahaaaa
    Come on folks, it's not hard to see this is all fake :). Common sense escapes the masses. Tally ho.

  12. Aah now the alien invasion story makes sense, she's obviously on a scouting mission and is affected by the earth's pollution (remember war of the worlds)…..

  13. I believe this story on here is fake because some people just age faster than others. One of my cousin's is 34 & she looks in her early 20's and always getting hit on by high school boys or college men never by no one her age or older. She always have to tell them they're too young. Anyway, congratulations to the Royal Family!

  14. I admit, Kate does not look young for her age. But look at William who has been balding since High School. Even as though I am guy, I do notice this double standard. She is a few months older…..who cares. Europeans look their age, unlike youth obsessed Americans where BABYBOOMER CREATED a youth obsessed culture that has turned into a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry……eat all the cheesburgers you want…..you can just get the "fat" sucked via lyposuction. Why should a 50 year old "Desparate Housewife" look 29….that is crazy. Brunnettes age better. Give Kate Middleton a chance. Look at Sophie Loren. She had a strange nose, funny big lips, short / boyish hair…..but put it togeather…Sophie Loren was a beauty……and still sexy in her 70's.. I am tired of all thees bleach blondes with blues.. Has anyone not noticed that all woman in Los Angeles look the same!! Even regardless of age……were breeding more Michael Jackson. Europeans find beuaty in flaws and inpersfection. There is NO one definition of beauty……I am North American myself….but I am giving Kate Middleton a chance…..if she is good enough for the Prince, she is good enough for me. I think Lady Di would have like her too

  15. No way can a woman of her supposed age look this old! I have seen chain smoking rednecks that looked younger than this at her age. Unless she has some type of disease that has caused her collagen to break down like this, she most likely is in fact 36.


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