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Kim Jong Il Sighted at Chattanooga BK

Earlier this week Korean dictator Kim Jong Ill was seen at a Burger King off I-75 in Chattanooga.

Wearing a “Dollywood” t-shirt and Elvis hairstyle, the dictator discreetly ate his meal in a quiet booth in the corner of the restaurant.
Seemingly oblivious to the attention he was attracting, the communist leader nibbled on a Healthy Wrap value meal and some salt water taffy he brought in while flipping through a large illustrated book on the Chickamauga Battlefield State Park.
International news outlets were ablaze earlier this year when the dictator was noticeably absent from ceremonies celebrating North Korea’s 60th anniversary.  His long absence from public appearances has even led some experts to believe he was dead.
Before leaving he approached the cashier and politely asked for “directions to the famous Lookout Mountain.”  Eyewitnesses noticed the large “See Rock City” bird-feeder in his passenger seat as he drove away.

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6 thoughts on “Kim Jong Il Sighted at Chattanooga BK”

  1. If the Dimocrats traded Bambam for Kim Jung Ill as their candidate the election would be really close. And the North Koreans would get what they deserve, another screwball for a leader.They wouldn't even notice the difference.

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