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Ancient Mayan Temple Has SanDisk Flash Drive

CHICHEN ITZA, YUCATAN, MEXICO – Shocking news on the heels of Samsung’s bid for SanDisk: archaeologists have discovered what appears to be a gigantic Universal Serial Bus port on the side of Mayan ruins, with an ancient SanDisk flash drive embedded in it!
“If this is true, it changes everything,” said David Carlson, PhD, an archaeologist with the University of Atlanta, who has been examining ruins of the Mayan civilization in Southern Mexico for over 20 years.
“It is unclear what the ultimate purpose is, but if I had to hypothesize, I would say that this particular Mayan temple is a part of an ancient supercomputer,” says Carlson.  “Perhaps one day the aliens who made contact with the Maya will return with a gigantic external hard drive, through which they will download their secrets.”

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