RUSSIA – Baby-Swinging Yoga is growing in popularity in Russia.
The video below shows a Russian woman – Lena Fokina – doing yoga with a squirming baby.  She uses “dynamic exercises” that involve swinging it by its arms and ankles, upside down and over her head.
Baby Yoga with Lena Fokina is the biggest trend in Russia today and will soon be coming to the United States.
Lena was inspired by this man:

Russians have for centuries felt that swinging babies around helps develop them into “tough, strong” individuals.

Russians will typically swing their babies until they reach age 2 – then they will begin the Tossing Toddler phase.  Toddlers are often tossed 10-15 fifteen in order to “toughen them up.”  Afterward, the toddlers are given a shot of vodka.
Vladmir Putin has often said that if he wasn’t swung as a baby, he might not be as gifted and brilliant as he is now.  “My mother swung me every day, and that has made all the difference,” said Putin.
As per usual the Yoga enthusiasts in the United States want to “kick it up a notch” so they are introducing Bikram Swinging Baby Yoga or Hot Swinging Baby Yoga.  The mother will take her baby into a yoga room set to 120 degrees fahrenheit and then… the swinging begins.
Here’s the Baby-Swinging video.  Check it.  It IS real.

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55 thoughts on “BABY-SWINGING YOGA”

  1. I can't even watch this. This woman should be arrested or educated, one or the two…..that child is going to have joint problems later in life, and it is a good way to give it shaken baby syndrome and also it could get a dislocated arm…….THIS IS ABUSE.
    It's horrible………only an idiot would do something like this.

  2. This should stay in the Russian cultrue this should not be brought to the United States, I believe that I would be talking on behalf of all the U.S. citizens of America that this will not be accepted. It is just horrible watching this! I could not at all what my eyes were watching. That baby should be taken to the doctor immediately and be checked out and let reporters tell us the out come of the babys shaking and daggling from the air which we all the know the outcoume!

  3. BABY-SWINGING YOGA was generated in Japan at 1942.Koizumi Junichirou always said that if he wasn’t swung as a baby, he might not be a prime minister.

  4. these people shoudl be put in a room thats 100 degrees if you know what i mean they shouldnt be allowed to be called mothers its rediculous

  5. This is truly sickening! I can't believe someone could do that to an infant. Apparently Russia does not have a good Child Protective Services because this absolutely should not be allowed!

  6. What is the matter with this woman-Do U see her smiling!! That is one sick B*t*h!! I can't believe they are saying it's a growing trend in Russia-what women lack any sort of common sense in Russia?

  7. I'm really disgusted at this video. I have two small children and i find this appauling. You know, shaken baby syndrome can come to be from something minimal, this danging a baby around by one leg and swingin it over her head is like enough for 300 babies. This video is sick. I hate this woman and if i ever saw her in person i would run her over in my car. What a horrible woman. How can anyone think something this extreme is good for a baby. My cousin has a little girl whos father abused her and swung her by her arms and legs as an infant. She had to have surgeries to put them back in socket, and she is today 16 and will forever walk with a limp. This is sick and this woman is delusional. You know the mind is very fragile and while we have all that fluid and bone, it doesn't help a small baby who has soft spots and is suceptable to brain damage much easier than a 27 year old if shaken. I hope someone took that baby away from this insane lady. Bring her butt over here so i can shake her!

  8. Omg! Somebody PLEASE CALL CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES on this woman! I could even watch the whole video I was so upset! WHY?! Why would you treat a BABY so carelessly!?! My thoughts and prayers are with that child– that's so sad. It's child abuse! :'(

  9. essa mulher é uma vaca devia levar com uma verga de cavalo por o cu acima.
    Nem vaca ela é porque nem as vacas fazem isso os filhos…..

    • tu és uma mulher, que não sabe ser mãe se eu fosse teu marido levavas no focinho todos os dias, e ainda devias de ser condenada a pena de morte…

  10. I did this with my sons until I could no longer hold them due to growth….they ARE ALL very healthy, very tall multi-sported collegiate athletes now whose coaches say they have better dexteroty than any men over 6 ft 8 inches they have ever seen! NOT ONE SPORTS INJURY AMONG THEM since they were kids. The uproar over this shows the ignorance that has permeated society in the USA due to insipid Family Courts, and REAL VIOLENCE THAT PERMEATES OUR SOCIETY. You idiots say you can't watch this, but you can watch murders on TV and just eat your corn flakes. FOOLS AND BAD PARENTS!! Fear is taught! Not for one second does this child cry, groan, complain or do any of the things that babies do if you pinch them. fail to change diapers, fail to feed them and for you nitwits who let your children scream till they are about to explode because you read it in a book have all lost you natural instincts for knowing the limits. THIS WOMANS HANDLING IS EXACTLY AS I LEARNED WITH AND FROM MY CHILDREN………You make me weep for humanity and all the children you destroy with your Americanized ideals on child rearing. AMERICANr kids are grossly obese, have no control over themselves because they respect nothing, crime is up every year among our young and drug use is also….Yeah, you all are doing a great job!

  11. …..i think its absolutely hilarious how you all think this is real. apparently you all were the swung babies.
    @jessica: no one knows what you mean, being in a 100 degree room is only slightly uncomfortable, you are stupid

    • unless she is where they use celsius, id say that 212 degrees farenheit, the boiling point of water, would be very uncomfortable… dont be so quick to insult others, if you dont have all of the information you may end up making yourself look like the 'stupid' one

  12. It's not as dangerous as it seems. It may look rough, but she is being gentle, and she knows what she is doing. Her "technique" was probably passed down from generations before her. Not to mention, ask your parents, theres a good chance they swung you as a child too. Maybe not to this extent, but they did. Toddler Tossing, also true. People throwing their baby above their head and catching it. The vodka part, a bit extreme.
    Not to mention, you people need to learn what Shaken Baby is. It is when they are grabbed by the shoulders and their head is whiped back and forth. Cause whip lash, and damages to the neck.

    • No! That's just not shaking baby.. There are many different ways, and that crazy lady is abusing that baby. What kind of person will do that to a new born??

  13. Well this explains why dealing with the public has become one long "short bus day".
    Hopefully, if this crap is real, child protective services gets to the yuppie, mindless, plastic mommies here in America before I see one of these psychos flipping their defenceless babies around.

    • you are an idiot…
      But SO is the person who wrote this ridiculous article…where did you get your facts?
      This ignorance….. DISGUSTING…..

  14. I was suggested this web site via my cousin. I'm not positive whether or not this submit is written through him as nobody else realize such precise about my problem. You're amazing! Thanks!

  15. This is gross I would NEVER do this with my son. Shaking a baby is wrong and this just seems way worse then that! Who could possibly think this would benefit your child?? This woman should not be allowed near children and to think people want to do this in America is horrible let allow up it to hot yoga good god come on ppl use your fricken brains don't do this to your kids it is not safe!

  16. these women/men HAVE NO CLUE as to what parenthood IS!!!!! There are MILLIONS OF BRILLIANT people in the world, and weren't put in HARMS WAY, POSSIBLY PULLING LIMBS OUT OF THE SOCKET, or even DEATH from the little brain being shook. SEEING THIS MAKES ME SICK. I'm a CHRISTIAN, and PRAYING this practice is STOPPED. As stated on a talk show TODAY, which prompted me to google is RUSSIA is TERRIBLE ABOUT PARENTING ANYWAY. Look at the orphanages. And the ones that KEEP their babies should GLADLY HAND THEM OVER to an AMERICAN that KNOWS how to rear a child. THIS IS SO SICK, AND GOD be with them for we REAP WHAT WE SOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


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