NEW YORK – Michelle Ryan, the wife of New York Jets Coach has a very public foot fetish!
The Jets coach, Rex Ryan, already a favorite of the New York tabloids for his openness, quotability, and bombastic proclamations, finds his name in the news for an entirely unexpected reason, though the word “foot” is rather prominent.
As you may have heard, Deadspin.com posted a series of videos yesterday featuring a woman bearing a striking resemblance to Ryan’s wife, Michelle Ryan.
In the clips, the woman, whom Deadspin reported goes by “ihaveprettyfeet” on YouTube, talks to a man off-screen who sounds remarkably similar to Ryan. The topic: The attractiveness of her feet.
According to the New York Daily News this morning, the Jets issued at statement that said: “This is personal matter and Rex will have no comment.”
But there does seem to be at least some circumstantial evidence beyond the extremely similar physical appearance that suggests it is Michelle Ryan in the foot-fetish videos. Deadspin reported that the user “ihaveprettyfeet” listed her location as on a foot fetish site as Ellicott City, Maryland. That is reportedly where the Ryans lived when Rex Ryan was the Baltimore Ravens’ defensive coordinator. Deadspin also noted that in another profile, a user’s birthday is an exact match to Rex Ryan’s.
In one of several clips on Deadspin, the woman is sitting in an SUV with her bare feet hanging out the window. The approaching camera man tells her, in a very Rex-ish voice, that she has beautiful feet. She thanks him in so many words, and he responds by asking two questions.
“You mind if I touch them?”
And: “Can I smell them?”
It should be noted that the man does not say “Now let’s go have a —- snack” in the video, which is perhaps Rex Ryan’s most famous one-liner.
Think Patriots fans may have some fun with this? Almost makes one hope they face the Jets in the playoffs. At the very least, they’ll keep Ryan on his toes. (Sorry.)

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