TANZANIA – The World’s Fattest Giraffe was caught on camera yesterday!
It is hard to believe that, It is world’s fattest Giraffe. It is alive  and roaming around  Tanzania.
Giraffes are the tallest land mammals on the planets, but this giraffe – nicknamed Shackie – is the fattest of the tallest.
The average mass for an adult male giraffe is 1,200 kilograms (2,600 lb) while the average mass for an adult female is 2,600 pounds.  It is approximately 14 ft to 17 ft tall, although the tallest male recorded stood almost 20 ft.

Shackie, a female, beats all those physical attributes – by a long neck.   Shackie is 22 ft., tall and weighs 5,100 pounds.  By comparison the average adult elephant weights 4.6 tons – about twice as much as Shackie.

But Shackie is taller and run faster.  The average giraffe runs about 35 mph, but Shackie has been clocked at about 52 mph, which is amazing considering she’s so fat.

Unfortunately, there are some giraffe hunters out there trying to bag Shackie.

“She’s a big target and everyone wants a piece of her,” said Tanzania wildlife expert, Professor Susan Begley of Mzumbe University.   “We are trying to do everything we can to protect Shackie, but we are still very concerned.”

Many countries are trying to make a deal with Tanzania to bring the animal to their zoos.  Sweden has the inside track on getting Shackie for the Kolmarden Zoo in Stockholm.  Swedish supermodel, Anna Hofverberg, was sent to Tanzania to represent the country and she made quite an impression on the Tanzanian citizens.  “She’s the most beautiful woman we have ever seen,” said Jakaya Kikwete, President of Tanzania.  “She also knows a lot about giraffes. She made a compelling case for the Swedish zoo.”
Unfortunately, the United States is NOT in the running to get Shackie.  “We thought Paris Hilton would be a good choice as an ambassador to get Shackie for the San Diego Zoo, but we made a mistake,” said San Diego Zookeeper, Greg Hayes.  Apparently, Paris Hilton didn’t know the difference between giraffes and elephants. “They’re both African animals. How was I supposed to know the difference?”  said Hilton.

Either way, Shackie lives and is… The World’s Fattest Giraffe!

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10 thoughts on “WORLD’S FATTEST GIRAFFE”

  1. Shackie looks like such a comfortable couch. In the right hands, there is at least enough for a few nice living room sets. Anyone have any "connections" in TZ? Please post. Discretion guaranteed.

  2. this aint real bro but its really goofy ahh and leave that chungus alone IDK if he is heavier than the elephants since giraffe are so damn skinny.


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