PARIS – Lady Gaga  was devastated over her canceled Paris show.
Earlier this month Weekly World News  Senior Editor, Frank Lake, recently reported that Christmas would be canceled in Britain due to severe arctic weather conditions. Now Mother Nature has attacked Europe once again. The unthinkable has occurred; a Lady Gaga concert was canceled in Paris due to a massive blizzard.
The Grammy-nominated superstar was supposed to perform at Paris’ Bercy Stadium on Sunday, but plans took a turn for the worse when old man winter released his wrath on her convoy of trucks and tour bus. French authorities banned all trucks and buses from entering the city due to many of the roads being unserviceable.
Gaga, was trapped in her tour bus over 26 hours during the deluge of snow and frozen rain. What made matters even worse was that the bathroom on the bus was clogged.
“We are having 2 pee n poo in tin cans and plastic bottles. This is awful,” tweeted Gaga about the horrific experience.  Though she did film her crew going to the bathroom in bottles for her next video.


All of her tour trucks containing lights, sound equipment and several variations of outfits made of raw meat were detained by French officials. In addition, two of Gaga’s employees were arrested as they attempted to enter the city of lights.

“We had to get the meat outfits to a new refrigeration unit as soon as possible,” explained Seth Miller, roadie for the Gaga for Gaga Tour. The units had died on the truck containing the beef and lamb apparel causing the crew to panic and attempt to break through the barricades outside of the city, resulting in their detainment.
“Today’s canceled Paris show is rescheduled for Tuesday, 2night’s show will happen as planned. I promise to give u the nights of ur life,” she tweeted Sunday.
Gaga also announced that she plans to take grammar and spelling lessons to help with her tweeting.
Here’s some Madonna, oops Gaga, video for you.  Almost at a billion views:


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