LAS VEGAS – The Mustang Ranch has launched a deal with discount coupon provider Groupon.

The Mustang Ranch –  world-famous brothel in Nevada – is making a splash online bar as it launches a deal this week with discount coupon provider Groupon.

Clients of the brothel will receive up to 75% off all services at the brothel – with the right Groupon.

Privately-held Groupon Inc, which sources had told Reuters was in talks to be bought by Google for a reported $6 billion, sends its members daily e-mails detailing discounts on goods and services ranging from salon treatments to restaurants and clothes.  And now… brothels.

The deals are activated only when a minimum number of people agree to make a purchase, giving Groupon the clout to negotiate steep group discounts on products and services.  With brothels, it’s great for bachelor parties, company parties or dysfunctional family holiday parties.

Los Angeles-based American Apparel, known for its edgy advertising and bright T-shirts, first launched a similar deal in the United States last month — seeking innovative technologies and marketing to turn around sagging sales.  Representatives from Mustang Ranch met with American Apparel and were convinced that Groupon would be a profitable business decision.

Groupon’s  spokesperson, the Swedish supermodel Anna Hofverberg, said that the deal with The Mustang Ranch  was “in the works” for weeks and “we are happy to offer men of all ages an opportunity to use Groupon with escorts, dancers and other women who provide the services they need.”

“We’re very happy with the preliminary results from Groupon, which have not only shown increased activity on our site, but introduced us to many new customers who don’t typically visit our brothel,” said David Burgess, owner of Mustang Ranch.

“It just goes to show you – men like to use coupons too.  Everybody is looking for a discount.” Burgess said.

Hofverberg said that Groupon would be announcing a deal with many of the marijuana stores in Los Angeles as well.  “We are currently making  a deal with Kush Doctor.  We think we can close it this week and customers will be able to have the weed they need by Christmas.”

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  1. I find this morally depraved and completely objectional! Congratulations to the group for doing even more to help this "company" do more to damage families and lives of the men who go there and whomever else. Good job. way to go. NOT


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