HOLLYWOOD – Producers of the hit Fox sitcom, Glee, are preparing a show dedicated to the  music of Tupac.
Hot off a hit episode dedicated to the music of Britney Spears, producers of the FOX Sitcom, Glee, have decided to do an entire episode based on the music of Tupac Shakur.
Tupac’s estate has given the producers permission to pick through his back catalogue for the upcoming tribute episode.  The family is looking forward to seeing what director Ryan Murphy and the cast make of songs like Hit ‘Em Up and Picture Me Rolling.
A family spokesperson said that few people knew that Tupac was in the school choir when he was in grade school.  “He loved to sing Kumbaya and Jimmy Crack Corn.  He loved that sh@t,” said Tupac’s half-brother Maurice Harding.

“Tupac is one of the greatest artist in the last thirty years and high school choirs across the country have been singing his songs for years.  His song, “I  Don’t Give a F*&k” is regularly sung at grammar school graduations., ” said Glee Executive Producer Moses Blue.  “We think it’s time that his songs get sung on national TV by a talented group of high-energy thespians.”
The show will feature some of Tupac’s best-loved songs:  When Thugz Cry, Brenda’s Got a Baby, Pour Out A Little Liquor and the rousing Hell 4 A Hustler.
But Harding and Glee producers have come under fire from the rap and hip-hip communities saying that Tupac would never want his music played on Glee.  “Yo, Tupac was the man, greatest rapper of all time.  To have his rhymes trashed by those fools on Glee, man, that is the lowest.  FOX gonna get a hurtin’ for doing this.  The hip-hip community ain’t gonna stand for it.  The Protests, they a coming…” said Def Jam executive, Tony Sharraz.
“Oh, they are just jealous.  Eminem has contacted us about getting his music on the show, so has Run DMC, Common, Snoop Dogg and Kanye West.  Everybody in the hip-hop community is a sellout, everybody in music.  That’s just the way it is,” said FOX executive Lloyd Brownstiein.   “Music doesn’t mean anything anymore unless it’s on TV.”
Glee’s “Very Special Tupac Episode” will air in November.

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    • Actually I am roger, at least I know when to capitialize a proper noun (i.e. Roger) not that many people who still listen to Tupac do, diction and grammar are hardly something most of them care about. He was great in his day, but like Elvis, his day is so over, let's keep a CD for remembrance, but move on alrady. Also, just a small FYI, I have an IQ of 147 or higher depending on the test, but thank you for your observation, coming from you, I think it really means nothing to me, as I don't know you from Adam. Let's just agree to disagree I suppose.

    • Thanks, I DO always say I'm SO close to perfect that it scares me, but it IS my flaws that keep me human, thanks for pointing that out, already. Believe it, kapp1592, it wasn't hard, I'm sure you've never misspelled a word…maybe you should change your name to the one above (i.e. A. Douche)

  1. this is real nice that afeni approved it. we should be thanking her. thank you ms. afeni__your doing your best for your son. i belive tupac would love it he would be chillin with the cast and teaching them something they dont know about him. the cast would have memory to carry on with.__heidi/hennez

  2. Are you people seriously believing this!? you really think people will let songs like Hit Em Up on prime-time T.V. what the hell his wrong with you, glee is about singing you think they'll just randomly get into rap geez this site must be full of stupid people.

    • No, of course I'm not seriously believing it, it's satire, if you can't tell the difference you should go out with roger and kapp1592; they'd be about your speed?!

  3. The most amusing thing about this website is that people believe the stories. I love it. No insult intended toward you, just good humor. Try reading the some of the other stories on this site and you'll soon realize…

  4. Tupac is a thug. Dont hate on Tupac. His songs are alive in this world and will never leave. We all know his funeral was faked, closed caskette and a fake body. He is living in Cuba and will return in the 2012 BET music awards. So f**k all you haters!!! Tupac stays thugging and will always be a G. So go and suck on your own c**ks, you know deep down that Tupac is the s**t. This is lil crummy, and i beat a**.

    • What haters are you referring to? Personally, I just said 'Okay this is going to suck' – of course everyone took that their own way – because everyone in Amercia acts like a victim they thought I meant I didn't like Tupac's songs, but what I meant, contrary to popular belief, is that I don't want to hear more good songs made into Muzak. — Actually, you sound like you're the hater, lil crummy. You sound really violent and angry, like you might want to jack my car and murder me just because we don't see eye to eye. IS that right? If so, maybe you should see your physician about getting some Prozac or maybe medical marijuana – wait, you're a thug, smoke a blunt and chill hoodstyle so that you don't do things you'll end up regretting in the end. P.S. Where did you get this idea about Tupac being alive?!! Got proof? Like a web site with recent pictures or a confirmed sighting by a credible witness? 😉 More power to everyone here – it's music, which is universal, so why all the anger?

  5. The reason I said that, since I've been attacked for saying it, was that they're going to ruin Tupac's music by having it on there, it's kind of like having Led Zeppelin playing as elevator music!! Duh! But that's just my opinion, there must be people out there that like it like that. I just saw Tupac more as a hardcore rapper than a Muzak kinda guy.

    • Ruin it? You mean change it? I can do whatever I please, thank you very much jbouvier, so can you, please don't try to limit me in anyway, last time I checked, this was America and we have the RIGHT to agree to disagree 😉 If you don't like it that's your opinion and I just happen to disagree – we are BOTH entitled to our opinions.

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