NEW ZEALAND – A commercially developed jetpack, The Martin, is ready for liftoff!

The first commercially developed jetpack, The Martin jetpack, is ready for mass production and will soon be released to the public.  The City of Los Angeles has already ordered 10,000 jetpacks for its police, paramedics and fire department.  “We’ll all be flying around L.A. soon,” said Mayor Antonio Villaragoisa.  “And it’s another great tool for law enforcement.”

The LAPD is in the process of hiring over 1,000 Law Enforcement Jet Pack Officers.  They have begun training them out near Joshua Tree National Park.


Jetpacks are real, and you’ll be able to buy one in two months!
The Martin Jetpack  is reusable and while it is a bit pricey, and a little bit bulky, they are worth it.  Soon you will be able to strap on your jetpack and liftoff for work.
You strap it on, you fly.   It’s that simple.  “They developed it so even the dumbest among us can use it,” said aerospace engineer, Todd Cox.  “Cars will be in the dustbin of history soon enough.”

The jetpack was developed by the Martin Aircraft Company which was founded in 1998 and operates out of New Zealand.  The Martin Aircraft Company was founded by Glenn Neal Martin, not to be confused with Glenn Luther Martin, whose “Glenn L. Martin Company” became the “Martin” in “Lockheed Martin.”   My favorite Martins!
The Martin jetpack can carry a person up to 8000 feet in the sky or the 31.5 miles distance that travelling at the maximum regulated speed of  63 mph will take you. With a full tank of gas, that would last roughly 30 minutes, although Martin Aircraft expects that to improve as the manufacturing process becomes more efficient. They are working on a second model that can take you to the moon.  That’s a few years off…


The jetpack is convenient for locations where parking might be an issue. Standing 5 feet tall by 5.5 feet wide, with a length of 5ft.  And if you use stack parking, experts predict you can put about 20 in your driveway.  Meet the Jetsons!
Many of the specs for the jetpack are regulated by FAA restrictions, including the 5 gallon fuel tank and the areas that the vehicle can legally operate. The FAA does not require that users- who will almost certainly be referred to by owners as “pilots”, or “rocketeers”- will however need to file a flight plan before ripping off into the heavens. How the police or an FAA official would be able to catch pilots that fail to file a flight plan is unknown, but odds are they would find a way.
Currently the Martin jetpack is classified as a recreational vehicle, but it is restricted to non-urban airspaces for individuals – at the moment.  Laws will have to be changed and amended to deal with the onslaught of jetpacks and rocketeers.
The price at the moment is $100,000, but the company hopes to bring the cost down dramatically in the near future.
Do you hate traffic?  Do you want to fly?

Then strap it on, baby!


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92 thoughts on “THE JETPACK IS HERE!”

  1. Are you serious? in 2 months? I hope so, cause it's a dream come true. So far all we've seen is 2 folks grabing you not letting anyone fly past them! lol! I heard it can't leave the ground effect! This better be for real. I would love to see people flooding youtube with videos of people flying it real airborne!

  2. What an outrageous waste of taxpayers money!!
    Los Angeles citizens should demonstrate immediately.
    The state is allegedly broke however can spend a billion on this contraption that wouldn't fit the bill for most everyday commuters. 30 minutes flight time , That's just stupid, Vote this crook out hes either retarded or is getting a huge kickback from this stupidity.

    • if you actually believe this story, and don't realize that "Weekly World News" (the creator of Batboy) is a fake newspaper, then YOU are retarded.

  3. I find this story hard to believe on a few counts.
    – Why would any municipality purchase 10,000 units of a product that hasn't been tested to work in the field they are hoping to deploy it in? Especially at $100K a pop?
    -A crook would just have to drive a bit further than 32 miles to get away or drive just a tad faster than 63 mph which is less than the speed limit on CA highways.
    -30 minute run time is not long enough to make it worth while.
    -Los Angeles doesn't have a billion dollars to spend on the product let alone the training that will be involved for the operators, they are deep into debt.
    -There will be numerous noise complaints; that thing will be very loud and annoying with 10,000 of them flying around LA.
    -Workmans Comp claims will go through the roof with operators flying into wires, running out of gas, hard landings, etc.
    I could probably come up with more ideas on how this story is bogus or why it is an incompetent decision on the city of Los Angeles, but that would be a waste of time.

    • Sometimes they have real stories but soup 'em up for fun. C'mon Josh, live a little…geez! Or you could just not read it?!

    • You do realize that buying a jetpack for $100,000 is not that expensive .. a bmw 7 series is a $96,000 car. That is pretty normal for an upper class family .. so they are actually making commercial level jet packs

  4. At about 8:15am EST this morning, Fox News reported that Los Angeles is purchasing 10,000 of these for it's police, paramedics and fire department!! Ha!

  5. It's a shrewd move by California to right their blited economy with a stealth tourist attraction!
    Forget Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios – or even Venice Beach or SeaWorld… I'm going to Cally to see the jet packs!! (and take a private air tour of the homes of the stars!)

  6. Jet packs have actually been around since the late 1950's and if you've ever been to an air show in a major city, you'd probably know that but they're just too bulky and costly for the average Joe/Jane. Someday they might be as common as an iPod or Xbox – technology…and loving it!

  7. This is why all the technology comes out of california. They are really on the cutting edge of everything. Can't believe Obama is considering selling this state to China

    • Didn't even try to read the article, did you? "The jetpack was developed by the Martin Aircraft Company which was founded in 1998 and operates out of New Zealand." Or, you could have just read the dateline, "NEW ZEALAND".

  8. Someone should really do a reality series about the real life events taking place at the <a href="http://www.weeklyworldnews.com” target=”_blank”>www.weeklyworldnews.com studios. I bet they couldn't stop laughing when fox picked up the stories about the jetpacks in California. The best was when CNN did the story on how silly it was that Fox reported on the story, does CNN think they report such accurate pieces. Wait until the pick up one of WWNs pieces (which will happen during election time) and Fox gets a hold of that!! Let the battles begin and may Weekly World News always rise to the top

  9. This is such an unbelievable waste of money. The state is almost in bankruptcy and California finds a way to spend a billion dollars on jetpacks??? What is this country coming to

  10. The sentence about the Martin company working on jetpacks to take you to the moon should have been a clear giveaway. People have to learn to read.

  11. If Obama sells califronia to china do we get the jetpacks back? Glad that california is getting ready to go bankrupt and still spending a billion dollars on jetpacks

  12. you people are idiots.. do you really think that jet packs really exist and are in production? its a hoax just like all the 'real' news that the onion produces.. fox just got fooled into reporting it

  13. The don't call is "Faux News" for nothing. Standard operating procedure for them. If it's sensational, if it has a teabag smell to it, if it supports "law and order," if it helps drum up war with Iran, run it! (and forget about fact checking)

  14. I sincerely hope none of you people ACTUALLY believe this story. WWN is a tabloid, it produces fake news because people find it funny, not because its real news. The sad thing is that Fox News doesn't fact check and they picked up this story. There are no jetpacks. Every story on WWN is false.

  15. The story is fake, but many of the details are correct. Martin Jetpacks is a real company, and they do produce "jetpacks", one of which is shown in the picture at the top of the article. You can find videos of the "jetpack" in operation if you do a web search. They are not yet commercially available, but they are expected to sell for $100,000 each. The lift is produced by two ducted fans, and not rockets or jets; so it is more accurate to describe them as personal helicopters.
    It is plausible that a police department would buy some "jetpacks" for search and rescue operations, but not 10,000 of them. Also, such a device could not carry a person outside Earth's atmosphere.

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  17. Why not sell Obama to China? And buy him a Jet-Pack to fly there.
    There are at least 3 companies selling these things and I’m willing to pick up the tab of $100K if the POTUS signs a written contract with 3 thousand witnesses promising never to come back to the 57 states.

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  21. that's quite unbelievable for me but its really to know this kind of stuff as i am really excited about it. thanks for sharing this informative stuff with us.I hope LAPD will be more powerful with this so called air weapon.

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  26. Not a "jet pack", it's a "fan pack", and as long as you qualify for, and succeed in passing a test for a microlight pilot's license and required physical, then you can plunk down $100,000 USD, before you can fly it.


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