The Zeppelin is flying again.  And President Obama is going to be the first passenger!
Zeppelins were once considered the future of air transport – but after the horror of the Hindenburg disaster, they disappeared from the skies for more than 75 years.
And now… they’re back.


 A pioneering aviation firm hopes to bring back the airships in a bid to revolutionize the global market in transporting freight.
The Aeroscraft is built using innovative technology which allows it to control its flight better than previous airships, so it should avoid the problems experienced by the first generation of zeppelins.
President Obama has ordered a Zeppelin for his own personal use.  “The President things the zeppelin is ‘cool’ and wants to use it as much as possible.  He thinks American will love to see him having fun in the airship,” said a White House insider.


It requires only a third as much fuel as an airplane carrying cargo, and it can take off and land anywhere even without a formal airstrip – including on water – making it well suited to war zones and disaster areas.
So, it’s a great way to combat Climate Change.
Vice President Joe Biden commented on the zeppelin, “I want one!”
The aircraft has been designed thanks to a $3million grant from the U.S. government.
The Zeppelin was designed by Worldwide Aeros Corp., who predict that it will change the way that goods are moved around the world by providing a mode of transport which is cheaper than planes but faster than ships.


 Even though its 115mph average speed is much slower than a jet airplane at 500mph-plus, the overall travel time could be lower because it can travel directly from where goods are produced to where they are needed.


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  1. "Vice President Joe Biden commented on the zeppelin, 'I want one!'"
    Clown shoes Joe would totally say that if this was actually real, that guy is the biggest doofus to ever set foot in the White House.


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