LAS VEGAS –  DJ Alien brought the house down at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas on Sunday.
DJ Liza Q  was working her magic at Rain nightclub at the top of the Palms Hotel, a mile off the strip in Las Vegas, when a man who she thought was dressed up like an alien pushed her aside and took over the DJ duties.  “I just thought he was just another dude dressed up for the night, ” said DJ Liza Q.  “But that wasn’t the case at all.”
Rain typically has people in weird costumes, black lights, glow sticks dancing on the floor.  But this alien was real… there was no costume.  He just started spinning records in the dark, sexy night club.  The crowd seemed to go into a trance and everyone was dancing, everyone.”It was the craziest sh*t I’ve ever seen.  DJ Alien was tight!”, said Garrin McCrary.  “It started out with a booming bass, but then we all heard this real high-pitched sound and…that’s what took us all away.”
Later in the night, some club goers complained about sores in their abdomens and heads.  “I told my friends, that DJ Alien put a spell on us all and then had his buddies abduct us and do experiments on us. My butt is sore,” said Nick Roy.   He kept telling his friends he was the victim of an alien anal probe.
“Oh please, his butt is sore because he kept slamming it on the dance floor,” said Roy’s girlfriend, Vanessa.  “I think DJ Alien is just an alien that loves beats, loves to throw down.  He’s awesome.”
The manager of Rain nightclub confirmed that DJ Liza Q was pushed aside and that a man who looked like an alien took over, but they would not confirm or deny that DJ Alien is, in fact, an alien. “We keep our employee information confidential.”
Several people who were at the club are still hearing DJ Alien’s “music” several days later.  And Nick Roy still has a sore butt.
DJ Alien will blow your mind…

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