NEW YORK, NY – One Army crew gives NASCAR pit crews a run for their money!
NASCAR is sweeping the nation as a sport and it’s popularity is going through the roof. While seeing cars race by at of over 180mph, part of the excitement of the sport is the ever crucial pit stop. NASCAR pit crews work with extreme precision and efficiency. They do their job in second and have their cars back in the race in no time. Well, one Army crew shows that NASCAR pit crews aren’t the only ones that can work quick magic on a car.
In a recently posted video, an Army crew decided that changing some tires and refueling a car wasn’t that much of a challenge. So they decided to take it one or two steps further. They decided to strip a Jeep down to its lug nuts, and then – wait for it – rebuild it from the ground up in just four minutes. Take that NASCAR boys.
Ok … so it’s not a Ferrari or some high-tech car with hundreds of individual parts. Regardless, it’s still a very impressive feat and they did it with precision and quickness. We dare you to gather a group of your boys, find an old Jeep and do it with the same fluidity. Highly doubt it!

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