NEW YORK – Venus Williams wore a bikini at the U.S. Open.
Venus Williams’ latest U.S. Open outfit is drawing plenty of attention.  The tennis superstar showed up at the Grand Slam event Sunday in a skimpy reddish-orange bikini — hardly the first time she’s made waves with her on-court clothing. In May, Williams’ lacy French Open outfit was the subject of much conversation.
The 30-year-old player did not regret her choice of outfit, even though her bikini top kept falling down when she served.  The bikini bottom continually rode up during play to reveal a little bit more for tennis fans.  “I like to give the fans a show,” said Williams… “This bikini was supposed to be about New York. It’s hot and sexy,” she said of her latest selection. Williams won the match, earning a spot in the tournament’s quarterfinals.
U.S. Open executive were surprisingly pleased with the outfit.  “Tennis has been struggling to get viewers over the last few years, so we staged that fight the other day, which helped, but when Venus came up with the idea to wear a bikini, the board unanimously approved,” said a U.S. Open spokesperson.   The U.S. Open is now considering Venus’s request to play her next match in the nude.  “Venus really wants to be the first woman to play in the nude and we think we can make a killing on pay-per-view, so we are considering today.”
Venus’s bikini drew wolf-whistles from the crowd and several Long Island men – in heat – tried to leap on the court.  Security guards rushed to protect Venus, but she didn’t need any help.  She swatted them away like flies.
Here’s another famous backside shot of Venus on center court.

And this is the bikini she will wear at her next match, if she’s not allowed to play in the nude:

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  1. US Open may make a ton of money, but will lose a lot of true tennis fans. Does Venus want to play tennis or show skin? She's such a powerful player and could do so much for young tennis players – hate to see her go down this "fashion statement" path.


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