NEW YORK, NY – Playboy may be calling a “Housewife” to grace its pages in an upcoming issue!
Why is it that we become so enamored with reality TV stars? Whether you admit it or not, we have all taken a liking to a reality TV star at one point or another. There is something about the “realness” of their situation that sucks us in – and once we’re in there is no getting out. Just take the Jersey Shore cast for example – they’ve become the hottest thing since skinny jeans and vuvuzelas at the World Cup. Well … another reality TV personality may be getting her extended 15 minutes of fame pretty soon.
The Salahis, Michaele and Tareq, shot to fame when they became the infamous party crashers at the White House state dinner. That was their ticket to getting onto Bravo’s newest installment in the popular “housewives” series. Michaele and her husband have headlined the “Housewives of DC” edition, and as many of us have found out, they can become a little too much. Regardless, it looks like Michaele will be parlaying her newfound fame into a Playboy appearance.
TMZ has revealed that a deal is being worked out to have Michaele bare all in the pages of Playboy. “And not just artsy ‘top half’ naked,” TMZ swooned, “we’re talking full-frontal, birthday suit naked.”
A rep told TMZ that the shoot will go down later this month and that Michaele is “very excited” about posing down.
Playoby is debating whether or not to give the housewife the cover, but sources close to Michaele say she would “love it.” We’re sure you would.


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