NEW YORK, NY – T.I. may be in a bit of trouble – help isn’t far off!
T.I.’s career and life looked like it was taking off again. His new movie Takers, which he starred in and co-executive produced, opened in theaters at No. 1 last weekend. His album, King Uncaged, is scheduled for a September 28 release. On top of that, he married Tameka Cottle in July. All of this since his release from a halfway house in March. Those good vibes may be put on hold for a bit…
T.I. was arrested on Wednesday for drug possession and it could land the rapper back in jail. He and his wife were arrested in West Hollywood after deputies pulled their car over after smelling marijuana and arrested them on suspicion of possessing meth-amphetamines.
Looks like the King might be going back to the cage. His attempt at a fresh start might be coming to an abrupt. According to lawyer Steven Knowles, if convicted, T.I. could face a multiple-year jail sentence. “This is big time,” Knowles told Yahoo! Music. “I really don’t envy his defense lawyer.”
The Takers star had spent seven months in a federal prison in Arkansas for illegal firearms possession and possessing a gun as a convicted felon.
According to the Associated Press, as a condition to his three-year parole, he was forbidden from committing another federal, state or local crime, or illegally possessing a controlled substance. Looks like T.I. dug himself a grave and it’s going to be mighty hard to get out of it – wherever should he turn?
Cue Ed Anger and PhD Ape…
T.I.’s legal team knows that this is an uphill battle and that calling in the big guns is the only way to have a fighting chance. They know that there aren’t two more larger than life personalities than Anger and PhD Ape. Bringing them on is a smart move and one that will hopefully salvage the career of T.I.
“We know that PhD Ape is in Europe helping Team USA, but we figured any advice he had to offer was a step in the right direction,” a member of T.I.’s camp told Weekly World News. “PhD Ape was more than helpful and he made a call to his good buddy, Ed Anger, to come and help us.”
Compassion and Ed Anger don’t exactly mix. However, if you get the conservative riled up enough about a subject, he is capable of making magic happen. PhD Ape filled him in on the matter and told him it’s a cause worth fighting for – proving that an entertainer can turn his life around.
“I’m madder than Jennifer Aniston at a speed dating event,” Anger told us. “T.I. is lucky that Ape is a good friend of mine because I would much rather be at home complaining about everything. Listen, the man screwed up – again – I get it. But I’m convinced that the King of the South is a good man – who just wants to entertain. We’re going to push for community service. And when it’s done, Ape and myself will whip him into shape.”
T.I. better hope that having two heavyweights in his corner can save his career.

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3 thoughts on “ED ANGER AND PHD APE TO HELP T.I.”

  1. Seems like TI finally figured out how to stay out of jail .. its not about not committing the crime, its about having really good lawyers who will fight for you .. kind of like OJ
    Lil' Wayne should have hired the same team and maybe that would've saved him from landing behind bars


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