A comet, a meteor — or a sign of the Second Coming?

JERUSALEM — Astronomers are trying to explain a bright new star that has appeared in the skies over Bethlehem — a star some experts say heralds the Second Coming of Christ!

Scientists have been tracing the mysterious heavenly body, dubbed Beth-2, since mid-July when it was first sighted over Zuwayza, Jordan, the city just 50 miles east.

Originally, experts thought it might be a comet or meteor. But further investigation has shown it’s definitely a star — amazingly close to Earth.

Thousands have seen the unusually bright tar making its way toward Bethlehem where it now remains over the town.

The star may or may not be related to the recent rash of angel sightings flooding local police stations. More than 300 people report that angels have appeared to them, urging them to journey to the Israeli city to see “a newborn king.”

The angel reports remain unconfirmed, but the star is a verified reality that is puzzling experts.

“We’re not sure what to make of it,” admit noted American astronomer Dr. Gerald Whiting-ham, who was called over from his home in Boston by Middle Eastern scientists to investigate.

“This star is not an astronomical chart. There was no record of it until July 17 when it materialized over Zuwayza.

“It’s not part of any constellation ever observed.

“The oddest thing about it is its incredible brightness and the fact that it’s standing still — directly over the small city where Chris as born nearly 2,000 years ago.

“Beth-2 is more than four times brighter than any star in the heavens. And its intensity is focused in a very concentrated area.

“If it doesn’t begin to move again, it will still be directly over Bethlehem on December 25 – Christmas Day.”


Dr. Whiting ham says coverage of the star has been sparse in American newspapers. “They consider it just another boring science item,” he said.

But the locals take it very seriously.

On July 24th, one Jordanian soldier was on nightwatch at the eastern bank of the Dead Sea when he saw what he describes as “a vision in white” rise from the water and move toward him.

“It was just a shimmering light at first,” said the soldier.

“But as it got closer, I saw it taking a human-like form.

“When it was just a few feet away, I saw it was an angel. The angel said, “Got to Bethlehem, the savior of the world is about to be born,'”

The soldier has since converted from Islam to Christianity and currently awaits the rebirth of Christ.

Leading Bible expert Rev. Louis Marliot says, “The book of Luke tells of an angel who appeared to some shepherds and urged them to travel to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus.

“The book of Matthew tells the well-known story of a bright star that appeared to the wise men and led them to the place of Jesus’ birth.”

Many scientists and clergymen believe the angels, the star, and the birth of Christ are being repeated here in 1994.

“Clearly, after 2,000 years, history is repeating itself,” said Rev. Marliot.

“And it’s certainly no coincidence that it’s happening just in time for Christmas.”

Dr. Whitingham is more conservative but doesn’t rule out the possibility that the star heralds the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

“We’re watching this phenomenon very closely,” said the esteemed scientist. “I’m not going to go on record and say this star heralds the Second Coming. But it’s definitely not like any natural heavenly body I’ve ever investigated.

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