DOMINICA – One man has shown an incredible talent that allows him to communicate with an unlikely animal!
Andrew Armour is known on the Caribbean Island of Dominica as the “Whale Whisperer” due to his ability to communicate with sperm whales. His become especially close with one individual whale, “Scar.” Scar is a 32-foot giant of the sea, but a decade of befriending has allowed Armour to stroke and swim alongside the mammal.
“Our bond began in 2000 when my wife Rhona found him injured out at sea when he was just a calf. We think he might have been attacked by pilot whales but we are not sure,” Armour said.
Armour has proved that although intimidating by size and once hunted mercilessly around the world, sperm whales are actually very docile and at times can appear friendly towards people. The “Whale Whisperer” has perfected his methods, studied the species extensively and tries his best not to disrupt the natural way of life of the sperm whales.
“My strategy with them has always been to let them want to be with me. The thing is to not let the youngsters get too far away from the family group. In this way we have noticed a minimal change in the behavior of the group as a unit,” Armour tells Pete Thomas of GrindTV.
The sperm whales enjoyed a healthy population at about 1.1 million globally before the pre-whaling ere. Ever since, they have seen their numbers dwindle to about 360,000.
Scar the whale has been Armour’s best bud, but hasn’t been seen since Febraury. The 10-year-old whale last came to Armour with some much younger whales. Perhaps fulfilling his age to go off roaming, Armour sees his introduction to the younger whales as Scar’s way of saying goodbye.

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