WASHINGTON D.C. – One athlete showed that despite heartbreak, there’s still room to help others in need.
Brooks Laich is a forward on the Washington Capitals and wears No. 21. He’s become an NHL favorite, especially to Capital fans, thanks to his blue-collar approach to the game. On Wednesday, his Capitals “capped” off their playoff meltdown by losing to the Montreal Canadiens, squandering a 3-1 lead in the series and starting their vacation earlier than expected.
Mary Ann Wangemann and her 14-year-old daughter Lorraine are huge Capitals’ fans. That same Wednesday night, the two found themselves in pretty foul mood after watching their beloved Capitals make an early exit from the playoffs. Mary Ann had ordered a Brooks Laich jersey for Lorraine on that night, but it apparently didn’t bring any good luck to the team. The drive home was somber, to say the least, but it got a lot worse when the Wangemanns hit a pot hole that caused a flat tire.
This series of events intertwined the Wangemanns and Laich in a way that they never would of thought. Stranded on Washington D.C.’s Roosevelt Bridge, car after car passed the two until one finally stopped to help them. Much to their surprise, out of the car appears Brooks Laich, sleeves rolled up, ready to help fix a flat tire.
Despite his crushing defeat and amidst all the disappointment, Laich found it in his heart to help the stranded family and show the kinder side of athletes. Any individual has to feel a degree of warmth from this story. Laich earned himself two lifelong fans.
“He was like an angel, I’m telling you,” Mary Ann told Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “Can’t say enough nice things about him.”
Laich was just doing his part, in the hopes of setting off a domino effect of good deeds. Not knowing how to thank him, Laich simply said; “I’m sure you’ll do something nice for someone in the future.” He hugged them and drove off.

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