ORLANDO, FL – For a few hours, one man’s worries were all wiped clean thanks to a pleasant surprise in his bank account!
When Paul Fischer checked his bank account last Friday night, he realized that his net worth had gone through the roof. His account stood at a whopping $88 billion. For a total of five hours, Fischer saw more zeros tied to his name than he’ll ever see again.
The new found wealth was a tease, however. His inflated bank account was the result of a technical error by SunTrust Bank, which fixed the problem quickly. It’s also reported that the error may have occurred in other accounts.
“You say ‘Eighty-eight billion, what can I do with that?'” said Fischer, who owns a jewelry concessionaire for Florida theme parks. “Maybe a handful of us could have brought down SunTrust Bank.
Although he only had a limited time with his wealth, he acted quickly. Fischer contacted a SunTrust rep and asked if he could move the money to an interest-bearing account until it was reclaimed and donate the interest to charity. The interest would have been roughly $7.3 million. The bank was quick to reject the idea.
The money was removed by the bank that following Saturday morning and Fischer’s life went back to normal. But for five hours, Fischer was able to enjoy the high of being a billionaire.
“It’s all gone. I’m poor again,” he said. “But I was a billionaire for five hours. How many people will ever at least get to claim that?”

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