BULGARIA – A politician was too busy playing a popular online game rather than being attentive at meetings and has been fired!
Dimitar Kerin is a member of the Plovdiv Municipal Committee in Bulgaria. Kerin has been removed from the committee because of milking virtual cows and tending to his virtual crops in Facebook’s game Farmville. If anything, it’s a blessing in disguise because Kerin can now dedicate all of his time to his farm.
Kerin’s removal came about from a majority vote, in which 20 members voted in favor of the motion and 19 voted against. The move can be seen as a final ultimatum as a previous warning had gone unheard. Several councilors were caught playing the game during key budget meetings and had been reprimanded prior to Kerin’s removal. Not only did members continue with their addiction, but they were using city-paid laptops to do so.
Novinite, a Bulgarian news outlet, first reported the story. The chair of the council, Ilko Iliev, scolded officials and made his disappointment very obvious. When his message was not upheld, Kerin’s dismissal seemed an appropriate eye-opening for the rest of the council members.
Kerin, although caught red-handed, said that he was not the only FarmVille addict in the group of council members. He went on to say that he had reached only Level 40, whereas Daniel Zhelyazkova, a councilor from the rightist Democrats for Strong Bulgaria party, was already at Level 46.
A very strong argument, but probably will go unheard. Regardless, Kerin will have plenty of time to not only reach level 46, but also surpass it. Perhaps next time we check in with the former politician, his farm will be the cream of the crop.

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