NEW YORK, NY – What was supposed to be a routine flight from LA to NY ended up being a nightmare trip for everyone onboard!
This past weekend’s weather was severe and many were affected. Virgin America Flight 404 took off from California at 10:34 a.m. ET on Saturday and was due to arrive at Kennedy Airport in NY at 3:35 p.m. ET. Due to the weather, the flight did not land until 2 a.m. Sunday which turned a five hour flight into a 16-hour nightmare.
The more than 60-mph winds in New York forced the flight to be diverted to Stewart Airport in Newburgh, about 90 miles north of Kennedy. The exhausted passengers finally made it to their destination by bus. Throughout the ordeal, passengers rationed water and pringles chips and got some unwelcome attitude from the flight crew.
The whole ordeal was well chronicled by one passenger, David Martin. Martin is the CEO of a social-networking firm and consistently posted updates throughout the whole flight.
“Tensions rising big time as we are grounded” and “Virgin crew losing control of passengers” were among his updates.
“One of the flight attendants told a passenger to ‘shut the hell up’ and that were getting on their nerves.’ It wasn’t that ‘oh god were stuck in the plane for hours.’ It was how the flight crew was handling the situation. They were not handling it will at all,” Martin told ABC News.
Another passenger, Uana Coccoloni, took to Facebook to write about the ordeal.
“Can’t get off, they won’t taxi to the terminal so that we can get out, no food and we are going to JFK no matter what time it is … it can’t be okay to have people sitting on the plane for 4 hours and what will likely be many more. Aren’t there laws about this? VA gets a big thumbs down today,” Coccoloni posted.
Virgin America CEO David Crush sent an apology letter to all of the passengers aboard the flight and promised to refund their fares.
“We pride ourselves on putting the well-being of our travelers first and making sure that, in stressful situations, we put our guests at ease. We clearly failed this on your flight,” Cush wrote in his letter.

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  1. passengers should thank their lucky stars that they are alive. if the plane had continued on to its destionation. it could have encountered wind shers and a loss of aircraft and life.
    pvt. pilot


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