NEW YORK, NY – Stephanie Birkitt and Robert “Joe” Halderman have officially broken up.
Birkitt, seen above leaving the stage door from David Letterman’s Ed Sullivan Theater, declined comment. Halderman, 51 of Norwalk, CT stated, “The legal charges are going to make it difficult to stay together. Plus, we need our space. Three’s a crowd and now that Dave and Regina went and had a baby the crowd was getting bigger.”
According to insider reports, Halderman has video, photos and other evidence of Letterman’s dalliances that will soon surface. Sources say that CBS even asked Halderman to produce a story on himself and the whole story. He has been rushing the story in production. It appears though that blackmail has been difficult work and has taken a toll on the CBS News producer. One insider speculated that Halderman is a runaway train and when this is all said and done Halderman will wind up in worse shape than Jon Gosselin.
Another trusted insider source with close ties to the network, speculated that the entire incident was concocted by CBS and Letterman as a desperate attempt to spike ratings during the pivotal fall sweeps ratings period. Weekly World News calls to Les Moonves’ office at CBS were not returned. More on that breaking story as it develops.

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