SCOTTSDALE, AZ – According to a new book, Ted Williams’ frozen head was abused by facility staff!
In the book “Frozen”, Larry Johnson writes about his experiences at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation. He was the chief operating officer before leaving and becoming a whisteblower.
Johnson writes that in 2002, when the legendary baseball player died, technicians with no certification used crude equipment to decapitate Williams’ corpse.
His head was then frozen, per his instructions, in the hopes that future scientists would be able to revive him. Instead, it was subjected to cruel treatment, including batting practice and crude storage methods.
Johnson specifically references when the head was balanced on an empty Bumble Bee tuna can, so it would not freeze to the bottom of its casing. But when an employee tried to remove Williams’ head from the freezer, it was stuck to the can.
The employee began swinging a monkey wrench at the can to dislodge it, but instead hit the head multiple times, spraying “tiny pieces of frozen head” across the room!
His book details other issues, such as the dismemberment of live dogs that were injected with chemicals, and the mishandling of other corpses at the facility.
Johnson has proof to back up his claims. He spent the last three months of his employment wired with an audio recorder, and also took internal records and photos that are reproduced in the book.
Johnson is scheduled to appear on “Nightline” next Tuesday to present his case. The Alcor facility has not yet issued a statement in response to his claims.

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