LOS ANGELES, CA – Patrick Swayze passed away yesterday evening. Weekly World News is republishing here a touching article about his love for his wife.
Actor Patrick Swayze died yesterday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. Although his career spanned over 40 years, he was most well known and loved for his two earlier films, Dirty Dancing and Ghost. It was from playing his role as a disraught ghost that Swayze learned how to convey his heartfelt love for his wife, Lisa Niemi.
Here is the article in its entirety:
September 11, 1990
“Playing dead changed my life, says ‘Ghost’ hunk Patrick Swayze”
Dirty Dancing hunk Patrick Swayze says playing dead in this summer’s surprise smash, Ghost, has changed his life and made his marriage stronger.
“Now I tell my wife, Lisa, all the time that I love her. It’s the first film I’ve ever done that has changed my soul,” the Texas turn-on says. “Ghost is about saying now the things you’ve got to say, about taking your love with you when you die.” The lanky star who leapt to fame in Dirty Dancing plays a yuppie banker who has trouble telling his sculptress lover – Demi Moore – those three little words.
Whenever she expresses her feelings for him, his only response is a non-committal “Ditto.” Sexy Swayze is murdered before he can tell dishy Demi how he really feels for her.
But the banker’s ghost comes back to save his lover and bring his killers to justice. “The film has such a wonderful statement to make about love,” says Swayze.
Since both Ghost stars are married, and Demi’s hubby Bruce Willis took to prowling the set to keep an eye on his wife, stand-ins were considered at first for the lovemaking scenes.
“We felt it was so sensuous and so romantic that it just said more if we did it ourselves,” says Demi demurely. “The love scenes were really exciting,” says Swayze. “I did a lot of rehearsing with my wife, so they’re not about sucking face and jumping bones. They’re about two people communicating. And Demi is a fine-looking woman. Sorry, Bruce, man, but you have a gorgeous wife.”
And Lisa, he adds quickly, “you’re beautiful, too.” Ditto, kiddo.
A licensed pilot, Niemi would fly her husband from Los Angeles to Northern California for cancer treatment at Stanford University Medical Center. She was at his bedside when he passed away.

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  1. So sad to hear about his death. Very sad loss, indeed. My great aunt just died of Pancreatic cancer, and her sister died of it several years ago. It is such a painful thing to watch, knowing that they are suffering and even with the care of a nurse, it is just knowing that their days are numbered that makes it so hard. Prayers go out to his family.


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