NEW YORK, NY – Images from Saturday’s Tea Party protests have been proven fake.  Glenn Beck begrudgingly admitted responsibility.
On Saturday conservative protesters filled the streets of Washington DC in protest to the Obama administration.  But they didn’t fill the streets as much as you’d think.  Images of the event, circulated on numerous news sources, which show the entire Capitol Mall and beyond filled with people, were clearly faked.  Beck has since admitted full responsibility for the images.
On his Monday night show Glenn Beck admitted to altering the images of the weekend’s protest.  Beck appeared sullen and visibly reluctant to do so.  Off screen the voice of one of his producers could be heard saying “Do it.  Say it Glenn.  OUR LAWYER SAYS SAY IT!!”  While looking down and scraping at the floor with his foot, Beck admitted to being the culprit.
Using Photoshop, some photos replicated the same group of protesters over and over to appear to make the crowd larger.  Unfortunately this was also done on some of the close up shots, which gave the game away.  Other photos claimed to be of this weekends protest were actually of the Million Man March, held by Louis Farrakhan in 1995.  There were even stills taken from the movie Forrest Gump.
Beck admitted that what he had done was “wrong” saying “On the surface I know that this looks unethical, or ‘wrong.’  But you have to look deeper than that.  What we’re trying to do is get the message out, and use one small evil to help prevent a much larger one: socialism.  The sentiment of these protests is the will of the American people!  All we did was exaggerate how many people were able to attend.  The Mainstream Media exaggerates and distorts the news to fit their left-wing anti-American agenda every night.  Shouldn’t the pro-American agenda have the chance to get their say?”
Glenn went on to say that he had since made his peace with Jesus, and is therefore legally and ethically absolved of the incident.

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15 thoughts on “FAKE 9/12 PROTEST PHOTO”

  1. I don't know what you were watching on Monday night, but the "admission" you refer to on Glenn Beck's Monday night show never took place. I not only watched the show live, but I DVR'd it and just watched it again. This entire story is a fabrication, Reginald.

  2. As a Mormon, Glenn would believe that the unborn people would make it 1.5 million. God and Mary are having sex in heaven to populate not only the earth but the planets they will rule as gods , and God let them come to earth to aid a good mormon.

  3. I think someone should watch Mr. Beck 24/7 as this can't be the only thing he is capable of. The man has too much money backing his desires from the best news station bar none; Fox. I just hope the 9/12'ers and birthers can whip country back into shape. Where is Dick Cheney when we need him so badly???

  4. The article *and* this comment gave me the best laugh I've had all day–and it's a rare day when some other website trumps The Onion in the laugh department. Thanks WWN and Sue!

  5. The left wing media has done much worse than this. America needs to wake up to this countries march to COMMUNISM!!!!
    What Glenn did was wrong, but not nearly as wrong as what a democrat did last election—HACKING into Sara Palins email.
    But the left wing fruit loops won't own up to these actions!!!!!
    Lets not forget the actions of ACORN either!!!!!!!!!

    • You were p*wned, idiot – this article is satire. God, the right wing is not only stupid but has no sense of humor either. Are you Sue's brother?

    • Both major political movements can be equally humorless if they think humorlessness can work to their advantage. Look what happened to Robert Bork.

    • Hacking? Hacking?
      You have no idea what you're talking about. He didn't hack. He stole her password because she was absolutely stupid about security and had picked a bloody obvious password. Just the sort of person you want running the country.

  6. It is so very obvious that you left wingers can only resort to name calling. No where in your post did you say getting into her email was wrong. You and your kind is what is wrong with this country. Win an election by any means it takes is the left wings policy….along with corruption.
    You and your kind are not the kind of people to run this country.
    C'mon you know right from wrong don't you? or are your kind that far in the toilet?


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